Food Bloggers of Canada Conference Save the Date 2014 #FBC2014

Last year I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Food Bloggers of Canada Conference. It was a few days which changed my blog and outlook forever. I gave you all a full overview of the conference HERE but in a nutshell, I found my confidence and began to feel the power of sharing my love for simple, delicious food and drink recipes.


Food Bloggers of Canada is an organization which began in 2011 by foodie friends and bloggers Mardi Michels,  Melissa Hartfiel and Ethan Adeland.  These three folks have created a place where foodie bloggers come to connect with one another, learn and swap experiences. This is a membership I’m very proud to be a part of.

You can find FBC on the Food Bloggers of Canada Facebook Page, on Pinterest and on Twitter.

Food Bloggers of Canada Conference Save the Date 2014

Today I was excied to read that the Food Bloggers of Canada Conference FBC2014 will be taking place in Vancouver on October 17-19!!!


While I have NO idea how I’ll financially make this trip happen, I do know I WILL be attending. Simply being surrounded by the brilliance, humility and foodie love of these folks will be worth it! Add to that the fact that FBC knows how to throw a well thought-out, saucy conference and you’ll get why I’m planning on being there.

How about yourself, are you going to join me?

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  1. I would love to go to this conference. You and Christine both speak highly of it. I might need to make that happen./ I have a few BC based clients and it would be lovely to meet them IRL. Funny how we now have business contacts we’ve never even met. I know that the bloggers who went to this last year got a lot out of it. It is on my radar for sure. Hoping that’s not Blissdom week though. Hmmm..

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