Romancing My Husband With Help & A Giveaway #WhishRomance

For the last 11 years I’ve been married to the most thoughtful, creative guy. This is a blessing, I am spoiled by his love and his ability to show it. However….along with this comes the feeling that I just haven’t been doing a bang-up job myself when it comes to festive creativity on days like Valentine’s Day. Romancing my husband doesn’t come naturally to me, I’m much better at showing my love in the little ways.

This year I decided to surprise him with a dinner, he loves when I do that. This time I found a great little solution to my planning dilemma. There is a company called Whish who apparently have realized that not everyone knows how to create an abmiance. Thankfully they’ve jumped into the gap and offer a Romantic Table for Two Ambiance Kit.

The box arrived and I tore into it with gusto, this year I’ll surprise my darling husband by outdoing him!! Competitive much Julie?


The kit includes:

  • single use (as in you don’t have to wash the dishes) dinner ware x 6
  • 2 glass tealight holders with tealights,
  • a glass vase
  • cute pink pashmina – you can choose in a variety of colours to suit your tastes

Also within the kit is a menu and a grocery shopping list which is actually quite lovely. They don’t stop there, they’ve made it super simple with instructions on the perfect setting, music, flowers and a step-by-step guide to serving a romantic dinner for two.


Setting the scene has been a breeze, this kit is fantastic for someone like me whose creativity is lacking…ok yours may not be but honestly mine is. Whether you don’t have time to plan or are lost for ideas, this kit helps.

I simply combined our exitsting table decor with the kit contents, threw on some Etta James and I think I’ve ended up with a romantic scene. Now I’ll just choose some Food and Drink recipes and we’re all set.

romantic table setting for 1

romantic table

Giveaway Alert

The fine folks at have allowed us to giveaway A Valentines Day box, extra candles and a Breakfast Basket to one lucky Canadian reader!

Entry is simple, just fill in the form below, giveaway ends February 3rd so the winner will have their prize in time for Valentine’s Day.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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