barbieI am super excited that I’ve been chosen to be a part of the See What Happens When you Save With Barbie blog tour which Mom Central Canada is holding.

Barbie was a HUGE part of my childhood, my sister and I spent hours imagining lives for our Barbies, creating very sassy hairstyles, choosing their careers, their personalities and anything else we could think of.

Ask any woman around my age (in the twilight of their 30’s) and they will be able to share memories of their Barbie becoming a flight attendant, driving a large plastic camper and finally having a little sister!

Barbie is More Than Fashion


When I think of Barbie my mind does go to all of the amazing fashion accessories and bling but it also goes to the happy hours of playtime I spent with her. My youngest daughter Chelsea now loves Barbie as much as I did and it’s a joy to watch her. There is nothing she cannot do or be with Barbie….while I encourage her Barbie to be the Prime Minister right now she prefers to a famous pop star….we are working on that one!

In the meantime our home is covered in pink, Barbie has become one of our favorite activities. Yes, I’m the Mom who sits and plays Barbies because come on folks, you know you want to see if you can still french braid her hair!

Save on Barbie Products!

With all of this Barbie love I am so glad that is releasing special coupons we can print that can go towards purchases on everything Barbie for us to enjoy. This begins August 7th and the coupons will be available every Tuesday and Thursday. I will be sharing these opportunities to save on Facebook and Twitter so my friends don’t miss out.
If you’d like more updates and information, visit the Barbie Facebook Page.

Disclosure: I am participating in a Mom Central Consulting campaign for Barbie and receive compensation for my post. All opinions on this blog are my own”


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  1. So many memories with Barbie! You’re right, Barbie can be Prime Minister and not just a pop star ;) hehe. I also love getting on the floor and playing with my daughter and her Barbies. What better excuse to bring back your childhood as well right? hehe. Great post!

  2. I was anti-Barbie but I bet that my kids (boy and girl) will like her. Everything is better with sparkle and tutus are popular around here. Thanks for sharing about this program, I didn’t know about it.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

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