Mark’s Work Wearhouse Fall/Winter Preview

If you remember a while back I posted about the Mark’s Work Wearhouse Spring/Summer 2012 Preview, well, I’m at it again! I was lucky enough to attend a second event, the Fall/Winter 2012 Preview and, like their previous event, Mark’s did not disappoint! It was at a different venue this time, and interestingly enough, this venue was lighter and more airy in contrast to the moody venue that Mark’s Work Wearhouse chose for their Spring/Summer launch. I thought it was brilliant marketing, whether it was consciously done or not, having the opposite atmosphere to the season to make the clothing and accessories pop just a little bit more in the actual surroundings at the event!

Marks teamI also love the Mark’s team – they are extremely friendly and personable, love their product and are so knowledgeable. I have to say they are all spectacular presenters and amazing people. Thank you so much for this opportunity to view your collections!

Girl TimeWhat I also loved, and have to say thank you to Mark’s for, is the free nail and hair bar that was set up at the back of the room for complimentary manicures and blowdries/hairstyles. It added that little extra touch to the event making it truly enjoyable rather than just an introduction to your new line – extra special treatment by the team at Mark’s is always appreciated!

Onto the clothing – as I said before, Mark’s did it again. They took inspiration from the London, New York and Milan Fashion Week runways and adjusted their line to include similar items to those in high end fashion, without breaking your budget and without straying from the sensible, real clothing that Mark’s is known so well for, while presenting a stylish and flattering wardrobe for your everyday. Many of their styles were styles you would find in any “high street” store or mall, but at a more affordable price with innovative technologies that give the Mark’s brand their little extra *oomph*.

P1010253Some of my favourites…

I absolutely loved their tops and favoured quite a few of them – I had to breathe and keep myself under control because their tops are so versatile and are definitely the type of thing I would be able to transfer from desk to dinner any day of the week with the use of one of their fabulous jackets. The colours were amazing and I loved that, in true Mark’s fashion, they were able to add little accessories and details to the clothing to make it just a little extra special.

P1010278Mark’s did a really good job of transferring colours and textures of the runways to their clothing Rich burgundy, comfortable knit, marvelous military inspirations and perfect plaid were all a part of the line up. In fact, their mannequins were so perfect for autumn that I just wanted to steal them right there and then! (don’t worry I didn’t. I did take a gazillion photos of them though!)



P1010266In love with this!

I also really appreciated their outerwear – and completely fell in love with a black trench that they were displaying – no matter what I looked at I could not tear my eyes and my thoughts away from it. I know it will be in my wardrobe in the future, and perhaps in yours? It was a short, black, waterproof trench complete with a hood and completely lined with micro-fleece for warmth. It is a perfect jacket for when I move to the UK, since a lot of my Canadian jackets are proving to be too warm for the climate! I can’t wait to pick one up!

Almost as a compliment to my jacket, I also found a jacket to compliment my husband. It looks like a wool jacket in that it looks more professional than a sport jacket, but is also waterproof and lined. I think the cut will also emphasize my hubby’s wide shoulders and I’ll just swoon to see him in it.

*ahem* sorry. Back to Mark’s.

P1010224The men’s wear did not disappoint either – most of it reminded me of Canadiana in that it seemed to be a very sporty, outdoorsy type of look they were going for. I personally don’t dig this because my husband is European and doesn’t really look good in the Canadiana type of clothing, but for most of the Canadian men I know, the plaid shirts, fleece lined jackets, amazingly tough looking boots and the casual elegance of the line will definitely emphasize the Canuck in your born and bred Canadian fella.

P1010272Ooh baby…

I left the best for last. As Julie very well knows, I am completely addicted to accessories and shoes. Well Mark’s did not disappoint with an entire range of jewellery, belts, scarves, gloves, bags, shoes and boots to suit every possible occasion you may find yourself in during the Fall/Winter season of 2012. Trust me these are worth it! I fell in love with a pair of red leather gloves that were as soft as a baby’s bottom, yet sexy and demure at the same time. AND it matched my purse. What other sign do I need that they were made for me?

P1010269Mark’s shoes were spectacular and ranged from sensible work shoes to fantastic high boots with fur trim. Their scarves were absolutely fun and they had some very, very nice ties for the gentlemen in your life (think 50 shades of grey kinda ties…whether you hate it or love it you must love Christian’s wardrobe…).

All in all, Mark’s presented a completely fashionable, sexy style for Fall/Winter 2012 and it is completely worth your time to go check it out. The vibrant efficiency of the clothing is straightforward and the wearability of the styles is classically Mark’s. So go on over, shop Canadian and don’t forget to bling yourself out on the amazing accessories that match the line perfectly.

Have a good one and please do feel free to send photos of your new purchases!


Serena is a 30-something, PR-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free, “smug-married”, self-proclaimed people-watching allergy-queen just trying to navigate this obstacle course called life. Her blog, Bewildered Bug, is her attempt to relay her everyday experiences. Feel free to contact her there, on Facebook or on Twitter.

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  1. I’m diggin’ that men’s wear look. But I don’t think I’m skinny enough to pull that off.
    I’ll go check out the rest of his line.

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