I am a drunk

Who found God’s grace

I found Love

I am here

I accept you

I don’t care about your religion

I don’t care about your race

I don’t care about your sexuality

I don’t care about your appearance

I don’t care about your income

I don’t care about your IQ

I accept you

When you are down

When you are happy

When you don’t care

When you are seeking

When you question

I accept you

I will wait

I will be honest

I will be forthright

I will be open

I will be here

I accept you

Because I found Love

I found hope

I found peace

I found honesty

I found serenity

I found God

I found Love

When I found out that this World doesn’t revolve around me

I found out this World doesn’t change to suit my desires

I found out this World and the things in it aren’t my

I found this when I found Love

I opened my eyes and saw

I saw that titles don’t matter

I saw that money doesn’t matter

I saw that the pretty things I adore don’t matter

I saw that I am ENOUGH

I saw Love

And then…..then I saw you.

All of you here on this journey of life with me

I see your hearts

I see your gifts

I see you past your body

I see past your emotions

I see past the things of this World

Through you I see my purpose

And this, this has taught me Love

I’ll forever be grateful

***I wrote this in response to the following prompt to “free writing your ordinary and extraordinary moments” on Just Write with Heather***


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31 Responses

    1. It’s writers such as yourself who have truly helped me to reignite my passion of writing. Thank you Galit for being a part of my blog journey since the early days!

  1. A beautifully written post. This is a topic I’ve been ruminating on and haven’t been able to find the words. You did. Nicely done! I’m a year sober now and, like you, have perfected the art in finding the best in everyone and just flat out accepting them for who they are — it’s funny how people never believe that or trust it though — we all walk around feeling so undeserving of love.

    1. Oh Heather, CONGRATS on 1 Year!!
      People really don’t trust my acceptance much of the time…therefore I wait for them. Once they begin to see their own beauty they will realize.

  2. I have a relative who used to take me to his meetings. When I was about twenty I saw him receive his 50 year chip. I don’t think that I really appreciated back then what that meant.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed your poem.

  3. Your honesty and vulnerability blow me away. Thank you for sharing your heart and making it a little easier to share mine in the future.

  4. I just reached 5 years sober, and I wouldn’t have made it without people like you descibe, people like you. Thank you.

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