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If you’ve ever looked around for a gift for someone celebrating a change they’ve made in their life, you’ve probably been left feeling at a loss. Those of us who have made drastic changes value annual celebrations; wether it’s quitting smoking, alcohol, gambling, drugs or even exercising more, eating right…these are all drastic life changes which are worthy of celebration and yet there aren’t many choices when it comes to gifts. Enter

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.46.02 AM is a space where people can find lifestyle line for people in recovery and those who choose to live a mindful life which was founded by Kerri K. Kerri is a recovering drug addict and alcoholic who is 12 years sober and began after searching for a gift to present to someone at their sober anniversary and finding nothing appropriate. Kerri has partnered with designer Lori B and social media expert Francine A to create this space where people can find inspiration, products to celebrate recovery and mindful living. Theirs is a message which marries with my own like peanut butter and jam. Ok that may be a wacky reference but it’s like we’re peas in a pod!

Gifts in Products

Each of the products on has been well-thought out to pull the receiver to feel their emotions. Little reminders such as “ODAAT” (One Day At A Time), “Progress Not Perfection” and “Courage” all serve as words which drive us to living fully in today.

From the Home Line some of my FAVS are:

24ave home products
12 Step Recovery Tray, One Day at a Time Candles, Serenity Pillow, Be Bold Sober Wall Art

From the Women’s Apparel Line some of my FAVS are:

24ave women clothing recovery
Progress Not Perfection Scarf & Beanie, Progress Not Perfection T, Just for Today T, Progress Not Perfection Long Sleeve
progress not perfection in recovery sober
Loving my new T!
5 years sober in recovery
Wearing my ODAAT shirt to pick up my 5 year sober medallion!! Recovery rocks

From the Jewellery Line I dig:

24ave recovery jewellery
TRUE Bangle, Recovery Wrap, Exclusive Recovery Bangles, Wooden Beaded Sober TRUE Necklace
recovery bracelet because sober rocks

There are too many lovely products to list so head on over and have a look. If you’re in the recovery community or someone who is focused upon their well being, tell your friends about and I’m sure they’ll thank you!

I am proud to announce that I am partnering with the wonderful women at over the next while, with these women I know I can expand my goal to quash the stigma of alcoholism and the message to EVERYONE that mindful living is the answer to whatever we are facing. These are intelligent, realistic, dynamic women whom I am proud to be associate with. We all vowed on that call to continue using our voices to impact the world…

Buy on & Receive a Gift

Right now if you’re going to purchase on you can use the code “JULIE” at checkout and receive a special gift of 4 Pack of cards.


WIN a Progress Not Perfection T from

When I posted that photo of myself in my new Progress Not Perfection T on my social media stream people LOVED it. So many of you asked about getting one that my friends at have offered up 1 to giveaway!

This giveaway is open to residents of US and Canada, to enter just fill in the Giveaway Tools form below. The giveaway ends March 10th, winner will have 24 hours to respond.

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30 Responses

  1. I really admire your info & help for #AA ,as I know personally a family member who had problem & survived 12 yrs now .Love your articles of Hope & redemption:)

  2. For me, progress not perfection relates to every struggle I have ever faced in my life. From getting out of an abusive marriage, to attending college at 35 with three children, to tackling diabetes, fibromyalgia, PTSD, to dealing with the loss of a parent, to losing 45 lbs. since August and improving my health! AS long as I am making progress that is all that matters! I am not a failure as long as I attempt to progress even if that progress is slow! Nothing is perfect, neither am I but I am a work in progress and that is alright with me.

  3. Im so proud of you and think so much of your walk with sobority. My husband is 6 years clean from Pres drugs. It hasnt been easy but im so thankful to have him back in our lives and not a walking talking zombie. Im hoping I win this shirt for him as he would as wear it with pride like you do.

  4. Progress Not Perfection means to me:

    Taking one step forward, every stinkin day…and I can trip and I can fall, it doesn’t have to be a pretty step…but, as long as I am moving forward, I will eventually reach my goal.

    To stop striving for the unattainable “perfection” I see in the lives of others and be satisfied with the “perfection” I already have in my life and each wonderful new perfection that I obtain.

  5. What progress not perfection means to me is striving to make things better without the need for things/myself to be perfect along the way or as an end result.

  6. Julie,

    Recently out of recovery myself, I really loved this post and all of the items from 24 Ave. I especially connected with this post when you said that “Those of us who have made drastic changes value annual celebrations; whether it’s quitting smoking, alcohol, gambling, drugs or even exercising more, eating right…these are all drastic life changes which are worthy of celebration.”

    I have many friends also going through the process, and all of these items are absolutely perfect to give to them for their sober anniversaries. This is definitely a much needed blog post, and I'll will definitely be back to see what else you share in the future.


  7. Progress not perfection means doing your best to better yourself everyday and concentrating on baby steps not end goals.

  8. Being 41 and trying to achieve my goal weight which I last weighed in 1997 is tough but I’m making progress. In 1997, I viewed myself as ‘fat’ and yet, I was in a normal, healthy BMI range. A month ago I was ‘obese’ and today I am ‘overweight’ according to BMI. I am HAPPY to be overweight and no longer obese, I will be satisfied with ‘normal’ range without needing to be ‘skinny’. I am so amazed at the power of my body and mind to help me with this transformation and it is all about PROGRESS and the aim is not PERFECTION, it is better health. But I think we mothers are pretty perfect, too… ;-)

  9. progress not perfection to me means that I will still make mistakes but I don’t have to beat myself up about it anymore…no more shame and guilt…just lessons!

  10. It means that I do not have to be perfect as long as I am trying and moving forward and trying to better myself! You are doing so incredible after all we all learn from our mistakes even though our mistakes are different we all make them,it’s how we respond to them and keep on moving through the journey :)

  11. Progress not Perfection means working a little bit more each and every single day and knowing that gentle steps will get you to your goal. Love this and love you

  12. It means that you can still make mistakes and make forward movement. Even baby steps can get you to the top.of the mountain.

  13. Progress not Perfection means to me….I have been sober for 10 years now! It means that I will NEVER be perfect, but I am always going to be in a process of growing…getting better. If you don’t feel you can change, or improve, you may as well stop living! Everyday I learn something new about myself, my life around me. Thank God! So…I will always be progressing….but I will never stop, because I will never get to that “perfection”. Nobody can be that! I used to try, it isn’t very fun falling from that high up! God bless you all, and if one of you is “falling”…pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and remember….NOBODY IS PERFECT!

  14. t me progress not perfection means living in the moment and taking life step by step, day by day.

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