DIY Countertop Paint~Giani Granite What a GREAT Makeover

We moved into our home 8 years ago knowing it was a fixer-upper, we didn’t realize quite how big of a project we had taken on. We’ve lived with kitchen counters we didn’t like for years, we just haven’t been in the financial position to gut the kitchen yet…funny how home improvements you can’t see like replacing the furnace, roof and windows take presidence.
Through another blogger I heard about Giani Granite, they have a countertop paint kit which transforms even the ugliest counters into a thing of beauty. Specifically, it is a pre-packaged, ‘paint-by-number’ granite paint kit that can be applied to laminates, solid surfaces and ceramic tile without pretreatment. Sounds good to me!
Giani Granite was kind enough to send me the Chocolate Brown Countertop Paint Kit to review here and share with you all. It retails for $69.95 and after using it I have to say it’s AMAZING!
This is our kitchen before the kitchen counter makeover, I know you’ll be loving the 90’s faux wood grain!
IMG 23861IMG 23881
Step 1 of the process was to tape off the walls, counters, sink….clean the counters well with an SOS pad and paint black.
Giani Granite Counter PaintGiani Granite counter top paint step1
My husband’s face was classic when he came upstairs to this look!
I reassured him it would look different at the end and waited overnight for it to dry.
Step 2 was to paint on the mineral layers.There are 3 different minerals in this kit, we poured them into paper plates and applied them ONE layer at a time.Step2 Giani Granit Counter top Paint
It says the step numbers right on the can so it’s super hard to mess up. Do a small section and then grab the next color and do over that section. We applied each color lightly as recommended, it made it easier to go back and add color as we wanted at the end.
Counter top paint like graniteAfter allowing the counter to dry again over night my husband sanded them down smooth with a 600 grit sandpaper.
Kitchen counter remodel
Step 3 – We applied the top-coat, allowed it to dry and then sanded and repainted another layer of top coat. We scored the tape with a knife, peeled the tape off and voila, we have beautiful new kitchen counters which look like granite. We have to let them cure properly for 2 weeks before heavy use but they’re so much better than before!
Counter top paint like graniteDIY kitchen counterGranite look counter    
Our kitchen looks fabulous, thank you Giani Granite for your fabulous product! I’d recommend this to everyone, how could I not with my kitchen looking like this?
DIY Kitchen makeoverYou can find Giani Granite on Facebook as well or see more photos on their online gallery.

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  1. Looks great Julie, I am hating my countertops right now and cabinets for that matter…planning some DIY too. Bookmarked this one for future use!

  2. Just wondering now that a year is almost up; how have the counter tops worn? Are they still looking good? I am interested in this product but would really like to see pictures of them now. They looked great when they were first done.

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