Tracking Exercise with Telus FitBit Charge & Giveaway #EveryStepCounts

For just over a year now I’ve been focused upon my physical health and keeping my body moving. This has been an enlightening journey that has found me in tears on some days and cheering at accomplishments other days. The fact is that I’m not innately built to be someone who adores exercise. I am the person who would rather be sloth-like on the couch under a lovely blankie rather than sweating my face off with exertion.

Knowing I’m like this, I fight the urge to forgo exercise and focus on getting moving. There are lazy days but I make up for those by keeping track of my weekly efforts and ensuring that I am exercising enough to keep stretching my limit. These days I don’t keep a log book of time I spend at the gym, I use mobile technology to keep track for me. Until recently I used an app on my phone where I typed in the exercise, minutes performed and the app logged it all for me.

FitBit Charge #EveryStepCounts Challenge

Recently my friends at Telus invited me to participate in the #EveryStepCounts challenge with 10 other Canadian bloggers. Each of us was provided with a FitBit Charge and challenged to use it from February 2nd until February 16th, sharing our experience on Twitter. This was exciting for me, with the FitBit Charge I wouldn’t have to enter my exercise by hand…it counted all of my steps for me!

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 2.10.06 PMThe FitBit Charge tracks steps taken, stairs climbed, calories burned and active minutes in addition to sleep monitoring. Setting it up was relatively simple for me as I’ve used other activity trackers in the past. I turned it on, synced to my phone and used the “dongle” (little usb plugin) which came in the package to sync to my desktop computer. I then went to the FitBit website and created a user profile for myself. I entered in my height, weight and set myself goals for steps, stairs etc.

Each day I wore the FitBitCharge and it automatically tracked my progress in real-time which meant that I would just glance at my wrist to know where I was at. This became quite a game with my daughters. We were on holidays in DominicanRepublic so we ALL shared the 10K goal for our steps for the day and we enjoyed hitting it as early in the day as possible. It also has a silent alarm and keeps you connected on the go with call notifications and caller ID.Screenshot_2015-02-16-14-19-59

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 2.17.18 PMAs you can see, I’m not getting a full night’s rest which may explain why I am tired through the day. That’s something I’m going to take a look at and try to improve.

Some scenes from my FitBit Charge’s travels:

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 2.25.42 PM
A FitBit Charge is GREAT wedding attire right?


Squats by the pool in Punta Cana
Squats by the pool in Punta Cana

I have officially fallen for the FitBit Charge and am thankful that Telus gave me the opportunity to use it. I will continue to do so as it just fits with my lifestyle and makes tracking my goals so simple. I do wish that it was waterproof and tracked my swimming and yoga..but in time I’m sure they’ll incorporate that capability.

WIN a FitBitCharge from Telus

My friends at Telus have given me one FitBit Charge to giveaway to one very lucky Canadian reader, excluding Quebec.

fitbit charge WIN

This giveaway will end on March 2nd 11:59pm EST, enter by filling in the Giveaway Tools form below.

Disclosure: I was provided product in return for this article, all opinions are my own.


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187 Responses

  1. I go to curves now and the computer tracks my exercise while there, I also use a step counter during the day.. This fitbit would be amazing!!

  2. I don’t keep track except by time. I try to work out for at least an hour each trip to the gym. Love how I can track so much more with this amazing braclet. FitBit would be a great companion when exercising.

  3. I would LOVE to track my sleep! That’s pretty cool. And I might be surprised (or mortified) by my daily activity. This looks like a great little gadget!

  4. I currently don’t really track my fitness. I try keep exercise everyday for at least a half an hour.
    Congratulations on your sober anniversary!! You should be so proud of yourself xo

  5. I am a bit like you. I have never liked exercise. But this past year I decided it is “my time” You know, taking care of myself first. And you know what? I am actually liking it. For the first time I have signed up for pilates and some exercise classes at our local community center. I have started wearing a pedometer on some days and I am amazed at how quickly I can do 10,000 steps. Not every day, but most. It helps to have a buddy to keep you on track and motivated. Would love to try a FitBit, thanks for the review and the contest.

  6. I use Myfitnesspal, not even close to what a fitbit can track! I have had one on my wishlist for awhile now. Thx for chance.

  7. I use a FitBit Flex and I’m head over heels in love with it, but I wish it had a display like the Charge and I want to track my ‘floors’/stairs to get even more motivated. Thanks to the Flex I got at New Year’s and I have already lost 13 pounds in 6 weeks! :-) My 11yo wants my Flex if I’m lucky enough to upgrade! :-) Thanks, Julie!

  8. I don’t really keep track, I just try and get some between Kiddo getting home from school and time to head out for his extra curriculars

  9. Right now I have nothing to track my exercise, but I used to use my wii, I really need to get it back from my daughter so I can start using the wii fit once again

  10. I don’t have any way of tracking my exercise now, and I’ve been lusting after a FitBit for a long time. I’d sure love to win one, thanks for a chance to do so!

  11. I guess I keep track of my physical fitness by my dogs. I need to walk them, they do motivate me, but it is not easy when it is very cold out, for them or me! :)

  12. i am not good keeping track of things for myself…. I am on a journey of my own now. Trying to live the healthy way and lose of my extra inches and pounds, motivation is not my strong asset… This Fitbit would help me keep on track and help me make my goals!

    Thank you tams

  13. I currently don’t track my fitness now. I would so love to win one of these as I have been coveting them for the longest time. Thank you for the opportunity!

  14. I use a large paper calendar to write out daily activity and weekly totals. I also have a paper chart to track my weight. I love that sleep tracker function on the Fitbit!

  15. I don’t track my exercise right now although I need to. I need to get more organized — I think it would really help me reach my goals.

  16. I don’t keep track right now, not to mobile right now but that will change a bit soon so would love one of these!

  17. I currently track my exercise using the Jawbone UP24 and while I like it, it’s on the fritz for the second time in my first year of owning it. It has it’s flaws and it has its bonuses but I’ve had a Fitbit before and I’d like to get one again so I can reconnect with all my friends on there!

  18. right now i don’t track my excersize, in fact i barely excersize lol but i think a fitbit would motivate me by tracking my steps anmaking me try harder!

  19. I was given a FitBit Flex for Christmas and have been totally motivated by it to become more active. I’d love to win one for my daughter.

  20. i got into tracking my exercise the same way i track my meds- a yearly agenda in daily format. old fashioned pen and paper.

  21. Once in a while I will start to track my exercise using pen and paper…but that method gets tedious and I tend too eventually fall away from tracking. I suspect tracking would help to organize me and keep me more disciplined… I can’t wait for you to give away a trip to Punta Cana!

  22. I have never tracked my exercise & to tell you the truth, it’s few & far between when I actually “work out”
    BUT… I have been on Weight Watchers since mid-September & have lost just over 20 pounds to date. I would LOVE to win a Fitbit Charge to help me get motivated to exercise! I like to keep track of things & I think this would be the way to go for me. Thanks for this opportunity to win!

  23. I don’t track it at all and I’m sure that’s the problem! There’s no way to keep motivated, to visualize the progress that’s already been made. The FitBit Charge would do all that for me (except the exercising part! haha)

  24. This seems so awesome and such cute pictures, lol! Looks like you had such a blast. Lately I haven’t been tracking my exercise but I do exercise 4 days a week. However, I have been logging my food into a journal which helps. This would be awesome to wiN!

  25. There honestly is not a whole lot of that going on atm but i look forward to the weather warming up.. When it does I just walk around our blocks babywearing our youngest..

  26. I use music :) I have downloaded music I use for different types of songs and exercising . Thanks for the chance a this great giveaway.

  27. I was using a Fitbit but it drove me crazy that the original did not have a clock on it – I had to skip wearing my watch in order to wear my Fitbit, but that ended up not working for me so I have been wanting to upgrade to the Fitbit Charge. Right now I am back to not tracking, and I would love to start again!

  28. I use My iPhone and an app called runkeeper, but if I do laps at the gym, It doesn’t record well because it thinks I am in the same spot most of the time.

  29. I don’t track my exercise and have a desk job so I am very inactive. I would love a Fitbit to track and get me motivated

  30. I’m gaily busy,but being 60 yrs old it gets harder.I keep going no matter what ! Love to see how much I really accomplish:) Motivation!

  31. I don’t have a method of tracking my exercise at all. It’s a shame really as I’m pretty sure I give up too soon. :-(

  32. I was using apps like Lose It and it worked great to track my calories and exercise. The logging in the information was time consuming unless I ate the same meal and did the same exercise everyday. My phone has a built in health app. It keeps track of my steps, and other info if I volunteer it. It’s okay, if I have my phone with me all the time.

  33. I don’t really track my exercise at the moment. I just try to get in a set number of minutes worth, 15, 30, 90 etc.

  34. All I use right now is the screen on the treadmill at the gym. Would love to have something to wear in order to keep track of my fitness both in and out of the gym!

  35. So excited for this giveaway!! I’ve been pondering purchasing one of these! Would be great to win to help give my New Years resolution the kick start it needs!!

  36. I use Map My Run/walk but have to enter the maps manually. Sometimes I forget the route I took so it would be great to have a Fitbit to track everything. I’m trying to walk as often as I can for fitness.

  37. Treadmill exercise 1/2 hour am/1/2 hour pm – walk to my son’s elementary school AM/PM. My routine – accountability – in all honesty – would love to actually see the figures of the realistic amount of my calorie burn.

    Eva Mitton-Urban

  38. I am kinda newly divorced…and I’m trying to “find” myself, so I am just starting to exercise. I am overweight, and I am determined to lose some weight! I’m not “dieting” or doing anything stupid!! Wait…what was the question? haha I am just using an old pedometer! It sucks, but whatever, it is all I have right now! Give me a year…and I am going to look amazing!

  39. I guess I don’t, which is not acceptable :( I track my food, but I don’t really do anything to track my exercise. I’m about to start a 5 week cut for my engagement photos, so I should probably start :P

  40. LOL — I don’t track my exercise at all now! But . . . I do see how my friend tracks hers with her fitbit — it’s pretty inspiring!

  41. I don’t really track my exercise…that’s because I probably don’t exercise enough! Time to shape up!

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