Introducing Darkside Ollie with a GIVEAWAY

Last year I told you all about Ollie which was the HOTTEST toy on the market. Now I’ve teamed up with the fine folks at Sphero to let you in on a newer..darker version of the app-controlled Ollie. Get ready for the Darkside!!

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 10.07.32 PM This is the special edition of Ollie which takes on a whole new…and darker experience!


Devious.Defiant. Diabolical. Dangerous. Few have the strength to command the dark powers bound within this robot. This is Darkside – an electrical beast that draws its energy from unrestrained competition and reckless abandon. Command this app-enabled robot with these forces to unleash its unrivaled power. But take heed – the Darkside will overpower anything standing in the way of victory – including its master. You have been warned.

Darkside rolls at speeds of up to 14 mph and connects instantly to your device via Bluetooth SMART with a range of up to 100 feet. Turn on a dime with Nubby Tires or take them off to drift like a street racer. Darkside also comes with a bonus set of Turbo Tires and Flux Hubs so you can customize performance. Powered by USB charging, Darkside’s LED’s glow in customizable colors as it spins, drifts and flips with app-powered tricks.

Darkside instantly connects to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, with a range of up to 100 feet which provides plenty of space to have a BLAST! Don’t worry about damaging Darkside, with its durable shell you’re well protected and the LED lights mean driving at night…and more possibilities!

At $129 this is a robot any kid would love, the fact that it’s built tough…and sinister looking definitely has pull as well.

Enter to WIN a Darkside


Wouldn’t it be GREAT to win a Darkside? My friends at Sphero have provided 1 for me to giveaway to 1 lucky Canadian reader! You must be 18 to enter, simply fill in the Giveaway Tools form below. Winner will be drawn on June 23rd and will have 48 hours to respond.

Good Luck!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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85 Responses

  1. I have grandkids who would love this. I could get my daughter to download the app to their tablets.

  2. That’s a tough call- June 23rd is my anniversary and hubby would LOVE it, but so would my boys. Actually, I think we’d all have to share :)

  3. My kids would love to play this with their grandpa; they all love tech stuff so this would be a blast! So I would give to my dad for Father’s Day.

  4. I would give this to my son. He’s 11 and wants to be a robotics engineer, so this would be perfect for him!

  5. I think this is something that my whole family would enjoy. Thanks for the chance & good luck everyone! :)

  6. I would keep it for my niece and nephew so we have another thing to do together when they come over.

  7. … I’d Have To Give It To Myself…It Wouldn’t Be Right To Take Anyone Else To The Darkside…Lol !!!!

  8. My husband would love this, he keeps point them out to me at Best Buy. says it’s for our son, but he’s not fooling me lol.

  9. This would be for one of my sons, at least two of them are very much into this sort of thing and would love this :-)

  10. I would give it to my 11 year old nephew. Hed love playing with it with his little baby sister.

  11. I would give it to Miss R. She’d get to explore using it with DH if he ever gave it back to her.

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