You Gotta Eat Here at Barb’s Country Kitchen in my Hometown

Just outside of my hometown is a diner which everyone in the area knows, Barb’s Country Kitchen. It’s one of the old-style diners where the food is outta this world! The restaurant is run by Angelo and Barb whose personalities are HUGE and their loving warmth just pulls you in. Recently the show You Gotta Eat Here! chose them for an upcoming episode!!

About You Gotta Eat Here:

John Catucci is a funny man who takes his food seriously. In Season 4 of You Gotta Eat Here!, he resumes his quest for Canada’s most delicious, mouthwatering, over-the-top comfort food. From neighbourhood institutions to renowned favourites and new classics, each half hour episode features our food-obsessed host as he crisscrosses the country and even dips below the CANADA/US border in his ongoing mission to showcase the must-visit joints and drool-worthy dishes that make it all worth the trip!

Having John Catucci visit was a BIG deal to Angelo and Barb, so they reached out and filled the restaurant (as it often is), served up large portions of delicious foods and had a BALL!


The experience was lots of fun – high energy.  The crew was jovial and friendly.  John was acting like a gracious host with everyone, stopping for photos and a small moment to chat with everyone in between breaks.  The director worked through the crowd and selected people for interviews with John to feature the different menu options that were going to be featured on the show.

As we waited our turns Angelo and his staff kept everyone well fed.  When John sat with the person for the interview, he made them feel comfortable by chatting a few minutes before and joking with them while recording.


It was amazing how much work goes into the show.  Each restaurant is featured for only 10 min (3 restaurants per episode), but to fill those ten minutes takes one full day of filming in the kitchen and another full day of filming with dinner sittings to rotate guests and collect enough materials to feature for interviews.

I am so happy for Barb and Angelo, they work hard to bring their dishes to us all and this it’s lovely to see them being featured. If you’re in the Orangeville area during breakfast or lunch hours….hit Barb’s Country Kitchen for a meal but be ready for BIG portions! They like to see you leave satisfied.

Barb’s Country Kitchen can be found located on Highway 10 north of 5 Sideroad in Orangeville, Ontario or on Facebook HERE

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