We Got Rid of Mosquitoes with our #GreenStrike It Actually Works!

We are outdoor lovers and in the Summer months we spend the majority of our time outside. Years ago when the girls were toddlers my husband and I did a bunch of soul searching and decided to invest in an inground pool. This has been a wonderful investment, from morning to night on Summer days we are hanging outside watching a gaggle of kids having the time of their lives in our backyard. My elderly parents also live with us and as their lives slow down, one of the highlights of their day during the warmer months is time in our backyard space.

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The only thing that hampers this fun are the mosquitos which come out at dusk. At the rear fenceline of our yard is a row of spruce trees which we love…but so do the mosquitoes. This Spring they were especially horrible, causing us to miss out on evenigns on the deck. They were like MONSTERS!

In June I had the chance to participate in a giveaway for a Green Strike Mosquito Preventer and then in July I was sent one to review. To be honest I was worried that it wouldn’t do much of anything like most of the bug zappers we’d tried in the past.

green strike

This isn’t a bug zapper though, it lures the pregnant mosquito into the unit and eliminates the eggs!

Just 1 mosquito can quickly multiply up to 30,000 mosquitoes in 21 days!! GreenStrike’s Mosquito Preventer STOPS mosquito population growth BEFORE it starts. It lures in the female mosquitoes using patented, non-toxic lures and replicates a natural pond where females love to lay their eggs. They are drawn into the unit where they lay their eggs and leave behind a natural pheromone, which signals to other mosquitoes that it’s a prime location for egg-laying.

Setting up the unit was quite simple, I just followed the instructions. I inserted the batteries provided, used distilled water and the AE Mosquito Lure which was in the kit. Then I found a shady spot in my yard where I knew the kids and the dogs wouldn’t knock it over. Somehow EVERYTHING in their space is free-game to play with…le sigh.

The instructions said to check it every 7 days to ensure there was still enough water and that all is well. After about a month I’ll need to change the water and add in more lure.

Does It Really Work?

So I set up the Green Strike Mosquito Preventer just before the kids and I went up North for a few days. My elderly parents live with us and had been having a VERY hard time with mosquitoes. My Mum reacts to them and she’d been missing spending time in the back yard.

We had been gone less than 24 hours when my Mum texted me to say how AMAZING her evening had been. For the first time this summer she was able to sit in our backyard without being bothered by a single mosquito. Now I took this with a grain of salt because how could that be possible?

I arrived home the next day and set myself up out back at about 5pm to sit and wait for the mosquitos. They didn’t come. They really didn’t. I went out the front of the house and sat for all of 10 minutes before I was too annoyed squatting away the pesky bugs and returned to the backyard where there were 1 or 2 around.

The difference has been remarkable, I knew when the month was up because the mosquitos began to multiply again and I was swatting away again. I changed the water, added in the lure and we’re all good again.

Honestly this unit has changed our family time, we’re able to use our backyard after dusk again!!

You can purchase the GreenStrike Mosquito Preventer (ARV $299) and Mosquito Lure refill kits (ARV $21.99) at your local Home Hardware.

Connect with GreenStrike on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: I am participating in the Green Strike campaign managed by SJ Consulting. I received compensation in exchange for my participation in this campaign. As always, all thoughts and opinions expessed on this blog are honest and my own.

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  1. thank you for this review , i saw it in the flyers this morning and was debating on buying it or not , there were no reviews on canadian tire , or home hardware . I am buying it for sure , we need this ! thank you so much :)

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