The Tooth Fairy is Coming – WW w/Linky

It’s a BIG day in our house, Chelsea finally lost her first tooth!!

lose-first-toothShe’s so excited, yet frightened by the Tooth Fairy. Someone told her if the tooth isn’t clean enough the Tooth Fairy will keep her as a slave in Toothville. Nice one, so glad the older kids in the hood are having a laugh as I reassure her she will still live with us after tonight.

On the up side, the gap is the perfect place to store corn!


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  1. Oh how exciting! Zackary’s bottom two teeth are both loose and I cannot WAIT for them to fall out. It’ll be our first visit from the tooth fairy in quite awhile! ;)

  2. Definitely exciting news! Honestly though, why would anyone want to to turn the tooth fairy nasty? Geez

  3. The corn as tooth image made me laugh aloud! Congratulations on the first lost tooth. And why indeed would anyone make up such a horrifying story about the Tooth Fairy?

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