Using My Recovery Tools to Get Fit

With the busy Christmas season and home renovations something has been nagging at my consistently. Pain. Pain is with me constantly since my car accident over 3 years ago, pain which I’m sure is exasperated by being overweight. With every move I make I pay for it by tiring quickly and finally giving in and resting.

I’m sick of not being able to do things and disliking how my body feels and yes the way it looks.

Today I’m far too heavy to be healthy and dammit I’m taking control of the situation!

I have an under active thyroid condition (Hypothyroidism) which I’ve taken medications for since I was in my early 20’s. I’ve never bothered researching this, I’ve just been tested regularly and the doctor adjusts my meds….but now I’m taking over every aspect of my health. This includes becoming knowledgable about Hypothyroidism and doing what I can to control it.

Being overweight is like wearing a cloak, it’s heavy upon my soul most days and not something I can bury in the sand anymore. I’m freaking 40 years old and it’s time that I gave up comfort eating and get my butt moving on a regular basis.

I have tried to change my lifestyle in the past but have always gotten sidetracked and reverted to my old ways. I want a long-term change which will improve my life for myself and my family. I dream of riding a bike again one day, of being pain-free…..These are lofty goals which I don’t actually know are possible, but in the mean time I can begin to research and to choose healthy living.

Using My Recovery Tools to Get Fit

Today I did 20 minutes of beginner yoga, for me this is HUGE. I was putting my body into poses that I haven’t tried in years and while I wasn’t able to complete the entire program I’m proud of what I did accomplish and will do it again tomorrow. I have booked a gym date with a friend tomorrow, I have NO idea what I can and cannot do anymore but I’m going to try!

So if you’re a regular reader be ready to hear about my progress weekly, I need the accountability and am accepting that this lifestyle change is serious for me. If I don’t make changes I’ll get worse and I can’t stomach the thought of leading a sedentary lifestyle….

Today I’m angry at my chronic pain, angry at hypothyroidism, angry at my tendency to choose bad foods and ticked off about my weight. I admit defeat and am seeking help from God and professionals to deal with this as I have my alcoholism.

I CAN and WILL beat this one day at a time.

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9 Responses

  1. Julie,
    Congratulations on this new chapter in your life. I read recently that arthritis pain can have significant relief by losing 10% of your weight. I’m sure it will help your chronic pain issues as well.
    Don’t overdo the exercise. But try yoga, try the gym and see which suits you better then find a realistic schedule and stick to it. It’s great that you have a friend to go with you to the gym. Encouragement is a huge part of success of course.

    Looking forward to hearing about your success in the New Year.

    Wendy M

  2. I’m doing good life too it’s so hard I also have a long sweaty road ahead. Maybe we can virtually do it together. Here’s to loose tops and baggy jeans.

  3. I’m going for the health burn also, which includes giving up aspartame !!
    And I have never had an epson salt bath…whaaaaaat!!
    Here is to a great, healthy 2014!!
    You will do fantastic. I’m on your site all the time, we can do this!

      1. Making small changes in diet this week. Feels good! I still have a hard time with aspartame. I love to have a can of A&W Rootbeer and putting sugar in my coffee seems sinful! Baby steps!

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