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This past Fall I had the pleasure of attending a conference in Toronto, Blissdom Canada. While there I attended many inspiring and educational sessions which helped me define more clearly where I wanted to take Sober Julie Doing Life.

At one of these sessions the editor of Canadian Family magazine invited us to submit articles using the topic “Finding Your Bliss”.

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Of course this fit well with my journey in life and I penned up a piece and submitted it.

Well friends, my article was chosen to be included in their Tales of Bliss Competition!!


My article is called Journeying to Bliss – Julie Elsdon-Height and I’d love for you to go to the Canadian Family website and read it.

If you like it head over to the Voting Page, scroll down and cast a vote for Journeying to Bliss – Julie Elsdon-Height.

Thank you all so much, I’d really appreciate it.


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