Sharing Mobile Phone Plans Saves Us Money

Spring is in the air which means that everyone is getting outside more which is a blessing! My tweens are suddenly dashing outside to head to friends houses or going on outings. This is indeed a beautiful thing as my home is much easier to keep clean without them in it…I know you parents feel me there!

With the kids leaving the house it means they’re not on the home wifi and will be using more data on their mobile devices. This can become a nightmare if I’m not keeping an eye on the data usage. My youngest has a pay as you go plan which caps her out easily but for my oldest daughter we have a sharing plan because her needs are different.

Sharing Mobile Phone Plans

If you have a family, you really should check out the Family Sharing options with the Your Choice Plans from Telus. As a #TeamTelus ambassador, I have been asked to share with you all why I use this kind of plan for our family.

Ultimately it comes down to budgeting. The more people I add to our plan, the more we save. I can add up to 9 family members to my plan and choose the data package we all share based upon our need.

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Steps to Set Up Sharing

Once you’ve set up the 1st phone it’s simple to add on another person. The steps below are the same for in store or online, to do it online you just need to login.

  1. Choose a phone – As a parent I’d highly suggest you go online or into a Telus location without your child when you’re choosing the phone. Telus makes it simple; they have a Device Catalog on their site that tells you the cost of the phone based on the minimum monthly rate plan. There are even Pre-Owned phones which you can choose from to lower the cost. As a parent I’m sure you have a budget and you can look at the monthly rate plans for each of the devices and make the choice.
  2. Select your data – Once you’ve chosen a phone you can select the data package that’s right for your family. There are many packages to select from; from 1GB to 40GB it all depends on your usage and the number of people in your family. We use a 10GB package between 3 of us and I’d say I’m a bit of a heavy user.
  3. Select your voice – Do you make daytime calls? Across Canada calling? There are many options to fit your needs and this is the time to find the right package.
  4. Device protection – Once you’ve setup your plan you’ll have the choice to add on device protection. As someone who has dropped a phone, cracked a screen and plain old messed up phones this is a no-brainer add-on for me!

Once you’ve set up your sharing package you are in complete control! You now can see all of the phones on your account on the Telus app or website. This allows you to set notifications of usage thresholds, manage usage, check special offers and more.

This does mean that all of the phones on the shared plan are sharing data. Personally I set up our account to sent texts to all 3 of us when we’ve used 75% of our data in the month. If that notification arrives before the end of the month, I hop onto the Telus app and see who is sucking us dry…it’s usually myself btw.

In the event that my daughter has been using too much data, I simply phone into Telus and they will put a data block on her phone for the remainder of the month…oh the control!

This sharing isn’t just for kids…I’m actually setting up my Mother on my plan simply because it’s more cost-effective than for her to get an independent plan.

This is just another example of why I’ve been a Telus customer for over 20 years. They are forward thinking when it comes to the needs of my family and when I have questions, I can reach a support agent via online chat or telephone who clears it all up for me or I can even head to the Telus Facebook page or @TELUSsupport on Twitter for help.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own!

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