Happy Halloween! w/Linky

Happy Halloween!!!

I awoke this morning to some very excited little girls yelling “Happy Halloween” in my sleeping face.

Swallowing my angry shock I rolled out of bed and began to assist them getting geared up for their festive school day.

The energy was palpable and my groggy mind couldn’t keep up which of course led to some tears and frustrations….all before my morning coffee.

After spending time furiously combing, curling, spraying colored hair spray and hurridly making class party snacks they were out the door.

I fell into my chair, clutching my cup of coffee and as I began to exhale I saw this on Facbook……no idea who first posted it but thank you!

It explains it all.

Happy HalloweenIf you have a Halloween post on your blog, feel free to link up so everyone can see it!

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  1. This totally freaks me out :)

    On another note, so glad I have a boy – tying the ties on his Ninja legs and arms was difficult enough before coffee. Can’t imagine dealing with Hallowe’en hair as well.

  2. This is one morning when I wish I could be home! I know the girls were super excited this morning about wearing their costumes to school (tho we had to change Rachel’s cuz the school doesn’t allow blood, guts or weapons…see my blog to see her actual costume).

    I hope that now the craziness of the morning is over, you can relax.

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