Valentines Day hint for my Hubby…

Valentines Day is around the corner and if you’re like me, you have a bit of a heavy heart because you’re not expecting flowers.

Early in our relationship Hubby explained the situation to me in his on-so logical, calm manner. To him giving flowers signifies he’s done something wrong…yes he seriously feels that way.

The problem is that I’m a Valentines FREAK, I love getting flowers and feeling all princess-like when someone thinks of me. It’s a totally cheesy holiday, I know this and yet my heart aches to be the recipient of valentines day flowers….just one little bunch of flowers would brighten up a dreary February day.


Oh how wonderful it would be to open the door to a delivery man carrying a bouquet just for me! I vision myself dressed in high-heeled fluffy white slippers, a gorgeous silk robe with my hair and makeup perfectly applied.

Shhhh go with me here folks.

In my vision the dog will not knock me over to get to the door first, my robe will float beautifully behind me as my slippers click on the hardwood floors. My eyes will display my joy and my heart will fill with love for my Hubby as I accept the magnificent bundle of colors.

Can you tell I’ve recently been watching chick flicks?

Ok so Hubby isn’t into giving gifts on what he refers to as “Hallmark Holidays” but give a sister a break!

I have a plan!

I’m going to be sending him out to stores where I know they are promoting Valentines Day products. There’s a good chance he’ll see the signs and displays of roses and come home venting which will give me the chance to use my well perfected stink eye on him.

By using subtle hints such as pasting this blog post on his well-viewed Facebook page, I’m certain my darling partner for life, the man with whom I share my soul ….this guy will get the darned hint!!

Mama’s not asking for diamonds here.

On the off-chance that my Hubby is bull-headed strong in his position about this I have a back up plan!

My daughters and I will head to the flower shop, I will give them money and allow them to get me my well-deserved gift.  Of course upon returning home I will gussy myself up and get into my flannel pjs and old robe (yeah the silk is a dream) and enjoy the moment.


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  1. I love Valentine’s as well and you and me both, My husband reason not to buy me flowers ever is the fact it wastes his money as flowers dye fast, so he makes sure he buys me things that lasts.

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