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 Motivated Monday2

Welcome back to Motivated Monday!!!

We are now on our 5th week of our mission, many of us are changing behaviors, thoughts and patterns which have become ingrained within us over time.

This is no easy feat, I’m the first to admit to you all that I have strayed from my healthy eating focus from time to time.

Why is it that I seem incapable to resist the allure of old cheddar cheese, or to avoid “just one bite” of something I hadn’t planned on eating?

I decided upon this journey to health after lots of thought, I considered my approach and weighed the possibility of success and the benefits. When I decided up the 17 Day Diet I knew it was restrictive and that I would miss carbs terribly. The first 2 weeks I had no problem with this, my focus was upon improving my health and my determination didn’t waiver.

Why have the past two weeks felt so challenging?

Simply put, I’m feeling better.

In those first two weeks I dropped a good amount of weight and cleansed my body of junk which was bringing me down. I think that I was taking it for granted and hadn’t spent enough time focusing upon planning my meals and making sure I’m not hungry.

This week I hadn’t grocery shopped, this found me starving at lunchtime with no vegetables to fill up on. Normally I’ve had some tuna or an egg white omelette with half of a plate of vegetables. With no veggies to add to my protein, I caved and had some cheese. This may seem no big deal to many of you but to me it’s an indicator that my head isn’t in the right space to be successful.

I love Cheese

Whew, look at that…I’ve identified somewhere I’ve gone wrong.

This is so not a first…

So I went grocery shopping with Hubby and we loaded up for the next few days. Our home is fully stocked to allow me to eat in the healthy manner I’ve planned. I have no excuses not to eat in a healthy manner.

This cheese represents something big to me, bigger than a few pounds of weight loss.

It represents giving up.

Truth is, I could have gotten into my car and gotten myself something healthy, I had options and chose not to take them. Possibly the worst part is how I justified it to myself, how I lied to myself.

Listen, if and when I choose to have something which isn’t on my list of yes foods, I want to do it with a clear conscience. There’s nothing worse than lying there at night bashing myself for weakness…or avoiding the scale at my weekly weigh-in.

Now that I’ve acknowledged my behavior to myself I am changing it!

I can be healthy!

I’m worth it!

I am strong enough!

And so are you….you CAN make the changes you desire, by being honest with ourselves we can see the path to success more clearly.

Oh, I suppose you’d like to know what my results were this week?

-2 pounds

Isn’t it fabulous? I’m one pound away from my first goal of losing 20 pounds and I must say it’s nice that my tummy is now smaller than my boobs!

How have you done this week with the changes you’re making in your life?

I’m please to share the awesome people who are also committed to change, go on over and see their progress:

If you’d like to link up please do using the Link Tool below or tell me your progress in the comments

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12 Responses

  1. Julie – I think you are doing so well in this journey! I really do.

    The challenges that you have faced, I believe are normal. I think it’s pretty common to feel super head strong for the first couple of weeks. I felt that way too. I think it’s because it took me a while to come to that conclusion that I was finally ready to take this challenge, that I deserved it etc. and so by the time I started my adventure, I was SO head strong about it, it wasn’t even funny. However, as time goes on and it continues to be challenging, we feel more and more challenged to continue.

    I waivered off my “plan” this week slightly too – it must be that time in the “weight loss cycle”.

    The difference for me this time is when I ate the junk, not only did my little voice say “you shouldn’t be doing this, this is bad for you”, but it also made me feel so guilty and then I physically felt yucky afterwards. So, you are right, it’s ok to indulge in a treat once in a while, but you have to be “ok” with it and allow yourself to have that one treat and then move on. It’s all in the attitude, I think.

    Thanks for motivating me to give myself a little speech here.

    I feel motivated again to start a brand new week!

    Good luck and healthy hugs,
    P.S. Sorry about the novel.

  2. You are doing great!!! I need some motivation to get healthy. This week I’m starting a cleanse so I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes for me.

  3. Another two pounds lost is fantastic. You had a rather stressful week and I think you were craving the cheese for comfort. I am really bad for reaching for something to comfort me when things look bad. I think you did awesome, this was probably the hardest week so far.

  4. As i sit here eating a brownie I really didn’t need – i wasnt hungry and i hardly tasted it – i can really empathize with your cheese battle:) It is so often outside things that influence what i eat. When stressed, I will eat anything available. It’s not about the food its about where my focus is at the time. When i am not in a good place i use food for comfort, in this case as a distraction from stress. I am trying to learn to remember to turn to my higher power (for me God) to meet mey emotional needs instead of to food. It is definitley not an easy battle. Keep fighting Julie – So many of us are right there with you and you are an inspiration!!!

    1. That’s precisely what I’m learning……really slowly with food apparently. I have to entrust my total well being to God and live up to my potential. I have the tools and knowledge to do this…now I just have to

  5. you’re doing so well Julie! just gotta keep going regardless of the slip-ups!

    I have a dr’s appt on the 15th, and i don’t even want to know what she’s gonna weight has gotten out of control!

  6. This journey is going to be a challenging one for many of us. We have bad habits that are hard to change, and that is okay. I think admitting to yourself what you were doing it and stopping the behavior right then and there is very, very good for you. Knowing you are worth a healthier lifestyle is a huge motivator. It takes a moment to slip up, but recognize it, nip it in the bud, forgive yourself, pick up and move on. Your honestly is powerful for yourself and for others. I gained this week and I could have not written that on my blog, but who am I hurting by covering it up? Myself and I deserve better than that. I know it, and so do you. Good Job on the -2 lbs!

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