Malware, Car Accident & Stomach Flu All In One Week

It’s been one of those weeks….one of those weeks when it feels like you must be in a really cheesy movie depicting a family who has no luck other than back luck.

Last week began quite well, I think I may have tipped the scale when I commented to my husband that I was loving life. My hair has been looking fabulous, the girls are happy and I’ve been able to deal with life on life’s terms….ah those innocent words I declared with such confidence!

As the week rolled along I began to notice that things were out of whack. The kids suddenly had attitudes about everything, I’d put salt into my coffee instead of sugar (total freakin horror) and other ridiculous mishaps…..Then it came to a head on Thursday!

As per usual after sending the kids off to school I came down to the dungeon (family room), settled into my recliner surrounded by pillows and plopped my trusty laptop in its usual place in my lap.

As I gratefully sipped my first coffee of the day I was rudely interrupted by an alien scene. What the heck is this….this doesn’t look like my normal Windows start up screen?


Smart HDD

Holy Mother of all that is Holy HELP!!!!

The world began to crash in upon me, I couldn’t see most of my files… felt and looked like something had invaded my beautiful, trusty laptop and erased 3/4 of my files. My memories. My heart was in my stomach as I began googling any combinations of words which could possibly tell me how to fix this.

Malware SUCKS

Turns out that I had a malware virus which is called the Smart HDD (from HELL) virus, it invades your computer and hides files to make it appear like everything is gone when it’s actually not. This virus wants you to click to buy their help, that way they get your financial info….thank God I didn’t actually do this even though I was so inclined…

Instead I reached out to my friend who owns Autism United and is a complete computer whiz, he helped me to unhide my files so I could quickly get them onto my external drive. DO THIS PEOPLE, back up your files on an external drive TODAY.

Once my files were copied I was less frantic, my kind friend was willing to step me through the removal of the virus but unfortunately with my cognitive disability it was an utter failure. He gave me simple instructions….and I forgot them before I even clicked on the pages. So I resigned myself to sending my baby in to the Tech Doctors the next day.

And Then The Car Was Taken Out of Commission

At this point it was late in the evening and my husband was at work, I was in a better mood when I heard the tell-tale ring tone which tells me Hubby is phoning. Hmmm strange, he should be driving to work….let me say at this point, I’ll never understand why men will drive over something instead of going around it….apparently he’d driven over something which had hit the undercarriage of our ONLY reliable vehicle on the way into work and was broken down at the side of the road waiting for CAA to arrive.

CAA did their thing and got our vehicle into the shop, hubby to work and finally I went off to bed after some refreshing time in prayer.

Sounds of a Child Puking Can’t Be Good

As 5am rolled around I was snuggled in my bed dreaming when I was rudely awakened by the sound of someone retching in the bathroom. Before my feet hit the floor my darling 8 year old was wailing for me between heaves.

Yes my friends, to add to my challenging 24 hours the stomach flu had descended upon our happy home. Rising quickly I grabbed a wash cloth from the hall closet on my way and pasted on my still-sleepy-capable-soothing-Mum face…..and so it began….24 hours of cuddles, lysol and dry toast.

You know your child is ill when she’ll cuddle her younger sister!


Some surprising things happened as a result of all this….not the least that I remained somewhat sane.

I am strong in my Faith

Each time something hit this week I prayed, I knew I couldn’t handle it but God could.

People are kind. Of course I shared each situation on social media and folks responded so kindly.

Generosity shocks me. I tend to be generous to others but didn’t quite realize that I had low expectations of others. When my friend Christine at MommyMatter found out I was without a computer she drove over an hour with her adorable children to visit. I thought this was just going to be a day spent with a friend but she floored me by presenting me with what she calls an early Christmas gift!

MacBook ProYes, I now in possession and control of a gorgeous MacBook Pro! This is a HUGE gift which I was reluctant to accept but when Christine said it was collecting dust at her house (this gal has the tech bug, I won’t list the # of computers she’s running) who was I to refuse?

Her generosity caught me off guard and once again it proved to me that I have no idea what others will do or say but I’m so grateful…

I believe that with each challenge in life we’re presented the opportunity to grow and learn. This week I’ve certainly learned and I hope I’ve grown but apparently not enough yet……

Once again this morning I’ve been presented with a challenging situation, instead of attending church with the rest of my family I’m standing in my driveway freezing beside our newly repaired car which won’t start.Thankfully we have our CAA membership there’s no way the bank account could absorb much more!


I apologize for this rambling post, my brain seems to be a bit dim at the moment. I’m sure you will all forgive me as I go to brew a coffee and zone out for a while….


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  1. Oh dear, Julie – what an incredible week. Here’s hoping this one is smooth sailing. Christine’s generosity blows me away…yeah for true and selfless friends:)

  2. arghh dont you hate that when it all piles on you at once, well maybe you have got it all out of the way and now you are clear sailing for awhile

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