Playtime was Bonding Time for Us #FPMakeTimetoPlay A Poem To Your Child

As a Mum, looking back over our children’s lives we all have some things we’d like to have done differently. I was a different person back then, I was struck by the depth of love I had for my child and yet was still driven by my need to succeed with my corporate career. With both of my children I went back to work early and my husband took parental leave for a large chunk of each of our daughters first years. My husband was wonderful at sharing the news of each day with me, when they rolled over, smiled or finally walked I got play by plays and photos to prove it.

One of my favourite photos to receive printed out and ready for me at night was this one of Chelsea “waving” from her Fisher Price swing. She really enjoyed this swing, it went side to side or front to back and out of nowhere she’d raise a hand and gesture as if she was calling out to her adoring crowd.

Chelsea Fisher Price Swing

This was a pose Chelsea could often be found in.  We couldn’t see her head from where we would sit but when we stood this was what we found…

Chelsea in Fisher Price Swing

Tell me it doesn’t look like she’s shielding herself from her adoring paparazzi…

Evenings at our home were filled with giggles, cuddles and PLAYTIME! Playtime became SUPER important to all of us with me out of the home for long hours. We would shut the door to one of the bedrooms and indulge in our imaginations together. This began very early on when Sydney was our only child and it is still alive and well. Back when the girls were wee it was easier to find common interests, I mean how could Chelsea disagree with Sydney when she couldn’t even roll over.

kids fisher price little people

I love this photo, that night we were in Sydney’s bedroom which was littered with full communities of Little People. We had such fun playing until the moment when I rearranged her town and she didn’t approve. She then excused me from the game while she and Daddy played…apparently he was much more talented at placing the Little People in JUST the right spots. This was a glimmer of the strong-minded girl I am raising.

No matter how fast-paced life is, I am forever grateful that we have had this time to play and bond together.

A new year means a new chance to make memories with the little ones in your life. Play, laugh, grow, and celebrate all the amazing moments with the ones you love most. In a new video titled “Poem to Your Child,” FisherPrice continues to celebrate and encourage the time to play because the moments you play together, are the moments you grow together. And the best possible start begins with mom and her child.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but the opinions are my own.

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