Retirement Ain’t Always Easy But There’s Help!

RetirementIf you’d have asked me 8 years ago I’d have told you my parents were decently fit and wouldn’t have seen their health failing them any time soon. I’m 39 now, my Mum and Dad are in their late 60’s and times have certainly changed rapidly in the last few years.

In my early 20’s I worked in a nursing home, I was a Health Care Aide/Personal Support Worker and had the privilege of working with many wonderful seniors who changed my perspective. I learned how to slow down, how to noticed the small wonders that each day could bring…..but I also learned how cruel life and the loss of health can be.

I had the opportunity over the 4 year span I worked there to see families facing the fact that their parents weren’t capable of caring for themselves, dealing with medical issues, emotional upheaval and the financial strain that aging can bring. The lessons were burned into my memory, quiet conversations held among siblings in hallways, hands wrung in worry….all of these issues seemed so far off for my parents and I until recent years.

The fact is that my folks are aging and suddenly I’ve gone from being a Generation X child to a Sandwich Generation adult. Dealing with my father’s recent battle with Deep Venous Thrombosis and Dual Pulmonary Embolus was a reminder of what is to come, my parents won’t always be able to function without assistance of some kind and it’s my responsiblity to educate myself on any and all available support.

There is no doubt in my mind that between my sister and myself we will be able to find and or provide the support our parents will need but knowing our options before the time comes will enable us to make wise decisions and hopefully keep our stress levels low.

I’m determined to help my wonderfully proud parents to enjoy their later years, while at the same time be able to spend the time raising my own children as my parents would want. Equipping myself with information is one way to do this.

Comfort Life is a fantastic organization which is determined to assist people who are aging their family members. Their website is packed with information, profiling top retirement communities and filled with sound planning strategies and advice, Comfort Life helps families make the right retirement decisions—whether retirement is imminent or years away.

Comfort Life’s website features an exclusive Advanced Search Tool to find and compare retirement residences by location, costs (they actually list them!), amenities, activities, services and more.

Today my parents are doing well but I’m preparing myself for the future. I’m informing myself and my parents of their options and hoping they won’t need the information for some time yet. I’m glad there’s a resource like Comfort Life to help ease my worry, just knowing there is an organization who can help is reassuring!


I’m a Sandwich Generation Brand Ambassador for Comfort Life. Comfort life is Canada’s trusted resource for retirement living and care. Follow the conversation on Twitter  and don’t forget to LIKE Comfort Life on Facebook


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  1. I’m feeling this too, especially because we live 3 hours away from our parents, we have the guilt of not being there for them but know it’s not fair to spend every weekend driving the kids around in the van like that.

  2. Oh I feel ya. My Dad is set to retire June 1st, and my Mom is fighting cancer. In the last 6 months i’ve went from happy Mother of 3 crazy boys, to Sandwich Generation, with the real possibility of a widower Father. He has heart disease running rampant in his family, and on his own he would be high risk, and he just was diagnosed with diabetes too.

  3. It makes me so very sad to see my parents aging. In my mind they are still the age I am now. My parents and my hubby’s parents are both 70 and it just seems surreal. Thank you for opening my eyes to some resources.

  4. I’m so glad you’re working with Comfort Life!! Thinking about having to take care of my mom or my in-laws is not something I’m ready for. I’m happy that they are still pretty healthy but I know with age that can change. I already lost my dad so I cherish every minute with my mom and inlaws.

    Comfort Life is a great resource! I look forward to your future posts!

  5. As my parents get older, it is a conversation we have regularly. I still got a lot of years, but we’ve dealt with many health ailments already that has got us all thinking of the future. We’ve heard of Comfort Life before and will have to keep that on the burner when the time comes.

  6. Wow, how hard! Isn’t it strange, my dad is 75 and still lives on an acreage and spends most of his time outside every day. He doesn’t build and fix as much as he used to, but it sure amazes me how capable he is and I’m so grateful for that. Good luck, Julie, with all your challenges; you’re an amazing woman and your parents are lucky to have your support!

  7. My FIL passed away jut over a month ago, after a 3 year battle with multiple cancers. We was 72 and had worked right up to 68 yrs old – in the logging industry. (!) So he didnt get to have any retirement to speak of.

    Im older than my husband and cant believe what he has had to go through, at age 36, seeing his Dad suffer so.. I hope my son doesnt have this same experience as we age. :(

  8. Thanks for sharing Julie. Its very smart that you’re looking at all your options now, so you can help your parents make what can be difficult choices.

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