Christmas Decorating ~ Wordless Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and Hubby caved and agreed to begin putting up the Christmas decorations last weekend!!!

I am so excited, I have some serious Christmas excitement here folks, if you ask Hubby he’ll probably tell you all it’s annoying and frustrates him….my list of requests gets quite long and each thing becomes a project for him.

And so last Saturday Hubby and Sydney went up on the roof and put up my lights, I was terribly excited and effusive with my thanks. That evening we went out as a family and as we drove down the street I couldn’t wait to see my home with its inviting Christmas glow.

Here it is:

Christmas lights

This is an example of why we take our time during projects and ensure to check that the no lights need replacing.


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  1. My husband usually puts lights up every year and spends hours out in the garage going through the lights with this little tool making sure that everything works just so…. of course when he gets them up outside there’s always a few that are out!
    The biggest issue is getting him to take them down in a timely manner… like before Valentines Day!

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