This is a photo I took last year, I love the way it shows a field of possibilities.

When I take the time to see the scope of  beauty around me, I’m always amazed!

IMG 1064

I took this photo and began playing with my new photo editing  program, Corel’s new Photo & Video X4 Ultimate Bundle.

I’m not technically inclined but I found it very simple to understand the editing functions. Here I added a blur.

IMG 10642

Next I made the photo look like a badge by adding a raised edge and used the contour effect (not a favorite).

IMG 10643

My final photo is lovely, I used the blur effect and changed to sepia.

IMG 10644

The same photo edited simply has entirely different looks, in total it took me about 8 minutes to edit. Imagine what I will be able to do after some practice and forethought!

In case you didn’t notice it, I’m giving away a copy of this Corel Software to one lucky Canadian in honor of my Blogiversary Here!

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