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Oh I love this Blogiversary celebration, today I bring to you an amazing woman Nicole whom I have much love for…..please welcome her warmly and head over to her site to link up!
Happy Blogoversary to you ….

A blogoversary, an auspicious occasion to be sure.  Back in 2007, it was reported that 1.4 blogs were created every single second … and that was years ago. But it is also reported that many bloggers quit in the first few months. Yes, just a few short months after being filled with creativity and a desire to share their thoughts with the world – they quit!
It is such a pleasure to be here today – not just because its a blogoversary, but because the lovely Julie is no quitter. Julie shares her journey as a recovering alcoholic. There is a road one can never quit. She writes about her faith in her God, her love for her family and her passion for life.  When you put yourself out there, bare for the world to see and you can share such a painful part of your life as alcoholism — then you are truly a gift. People search for inspiration  and the blogosphere brings them Julie …
When Julie asked me to guest post for her here today, I thought about writing a post about my first year of blogging. I could tell you about the ups and the downs, the self inflicted pressure of posting each day or visiting as many blogs as I could. I could tell how easily my feelings were hurt when I miscontrued words on the screen, or even how some were not miscontrued at all and were delivered and received in just the way intended!

But really, the best part of blogging, and the reason we post, and tweet and head to conferences is about friendship.  In spite of these new friends being in our screens and living in far away places, they are real.  The bonds that are made are deep, the camaraderie immeasurable. The excitement of meeting IRL (in.real.life to you non bloggy types) is palpable, and I have been blessed so many times to find that the words that speak to me from my screen, are perfectly matched with the new friend I have made when I meet them and share that first hug!
I have yet to meet the lovely Julie IRL, but trust me, when I do, you will hear my squee around the globe.
Happy Blogoversary dear friend, I wish you many more, as you continue to bless those around the blogosphere with your bloggy goodness.

and doesn’t she just have THE best hair? LOVE it!

and as always …

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