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ivoryMy Mum has always used Ivory soap, I can remember watching her wash her face every night with it, explaining how important it is to take care of your skin.

Ivory recently contacted me and asked if I’d like to be involved in their re-launch. We use Ivory soap regularly, my daughter’s skin is sensitive and Ivory has always been the right soap for her.

Ivory Canada is encouraging Canadians to take back simple moments and enjoy what’s most important in life with the relaunch of its basic line up of soaps and body washes.

Ivory Canada is encouraging Canadians to take back simple moments and enjoy what’s most important in life with the relaunch of its basic line up of soaps and body washes.

In a recent national survey, over 40 per cent of Canadians revealed they lack time in their lives to enjoy what’s most important to them. With fairly complicated lives cited as a contributing factor, Ivory is encouraging Canadians to cut the complexity and enjoy more balance by taking back simple moments.
“In life, there is a constant struggle to balance personal and professional priorities,” said France Hutchison, professional life coach and author. “Enjoying a simple moment means making time each day to enjoy what’s most important to you, whether it’s reading a book, getting home in time to put your kids to bed,or enjoying a meal with friends.”

Ivory recognizes the need for Canadians to start making time for what they want to do, not just what they have to do.

“Life can easily get cluttered with never-ending professional commitments, household chores and everything in between,” said Hutchison. “After making lunches and walking the dog, set aside time to do something that you enjoy, the chores can wait.”

With a formula that is 99.4 per cent pure, Ivory stands for all things pure, clean and simple. Canadians can enjoy Ivory’s basic line up of bar soaps in Simply Ivory and Aloe, and body washes in Lavender, Aloe, Waterlily and Simply Ivory plus liquid hand soap in Simply Ivory.

Visit Ivory’s Facebook Page to learn more about taking back simple moments.


Ivory has provided me with a FAB prize pack for one lucky Canadian reader! Giveaway consists of: Two large bottles of Waterlilly soap, two medium bottles of Simply Ivory, two medium bottles of Lavender, two medium bottles of Aloe scent and then two small packages of the simply Ivory bar soap.

Enter by filling in the form below, giveaway is open to Canadian residents 18+, winner will be chosen May 15 and have 48 hours to respond.

“Disclosure – I was given products to sample of the body washes and bar soap. I was provided info from the PR firm/Company to share. The opinions on this blog are 100% my own.”

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63 Responses

  1. When I was a child, my parents bought Ivory soap for our household. Since leaving home, I’ve tried many different soaps and body washes but I would definately give Ivory another try. I like the idea that they have a different variety of scents now!! I hope I win the giveaway so I can try them out and see how our family likes them.

  2. I use Ivory bars in the shower. I like Ivory bars because they are a good value, do a good job and the the whole family can use them too.

  3. I don’t regularly use Ivory soap but have used their body wash in the past and enjoyed the clean scent.

  4. We, as a family have been using Ivory bar soap for amost 30yrs now! Its very easy on the skin and because sensitive skin runs in our family, everyone has been able to use it with no problems.

  5. Yes we use Ivory soap, my husband won’t buy anything other than Ivory, he says all other soaps leave a film on his skin and it feels gross, Ivory rinses off (and it floats) I just had to say that..lol

  6. I’ve used Ivory soaps for quite some time now because they don’t dry our skin and are very affordable.

  7. Yes,we use Ivory soap,,thats what I grew up with ,so it was just what I always used.
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  8. I don’t currently use Ivory bar soap as it caused too much soap scum. I have used their body wash and loved it. They used to make a shampoo that I loved but I guess it was discontinued around 10 years ago. :(

  9. yes we do use ivory, I have always liked that they didnt have a strong smell and it didnt bother our skin, my kids have allergies and ivory has always worked great for us

  10. I do use Ivory. Main reason is because I tend to be allergic to almost everything else, and it doesn’t seem to irritate my kid’s skin like other soaps do. Its also great for taking out stains from clothes (the bars anyways).

  11. i haven’t used ivory soap in many years – but i did like the liquid soap. we also used the bars when i was growing up.

  12. I love to use ivory body wash because of the scent and how soft and clean my skin feels after using it

  13. I don’t use the actual soap but I do use their body wash though because I like the way I feel after shower

  14. I grew up using IVORY bar soap. There is just something about the feel of it in my hands and he smell that just feels like home to me.

  15. my mother uses ivory soap but i use organic oatmeal soap but i do like the smell of ivory soap

  16. I use their dish soap because it is easy on my hands but the major user of Ivory in my house is my husband. Since he was a small child, he has hand ultra sensitive skin and has only used Ivory for the majority of his life. When we occasionally run out it is a grand tragedy at my house :-) He simply will not use anything else. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  17. I do use Ivory soap, when I started wearing contact lense I was told this soap had the least additives and where good so it wouldnt leave any fiim on my hands while handling my contact lenses..

  18. Yes, my husband claims it’s the only brand he’ll use. Besides the type of mayonnaise I must purchase (written into our marriage vows, seriously), this is it. Help a girl out.

  19. I’ve been using Ivory soap on my face since I was 16 years old! It’s the olny soap that keeps my skin smooth and soft. I’ve tried others but it resulted in tiny little bumps on my fce which meant the product was ether too strong to too rich for my face. I’m almost 42 and every says I look like I’m still in my 20’s!

  20. I do use Ivory because I feel like it’s the best quality at that price level – a price range that I can afford.

  21. I have been a lifetime user of Ivory soap.

    It leaves me feeling cleaner than any other soap I have tried and I love the scent.

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. ~Pauline

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