Giving Up My Beloved Soda Didn’t Kill Me

This post is part of the and the Nestlé Pure Life #RethinkYourDrink sponsored program. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors.

I have been in love with soda from the first sip. I love the feel of the bubbles which tickle my throat…somehow I have convinced myself that this is a “special” drink. As someone who has given up alcohol, having a special drink feels important some days.

Thing is…I’ve been drinking too much soda and I know it. I feel bloated from it and when I’m not paying attention, I can drink far more than I had intended.

I was recently asked if I’d accept a challenge to Rethink Your Drink for one week. Of course, I accepted the challenge and I replaced my soda with Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Water which is available in a bunch of flavours. It has 0 sugar, 0 calories and all natural fruit flavours. For me, it’s a delicious way to say bye to sugared beverages and focus on improving my health with a higher water intake.

It’s never easy to make a life change but I feel AMAZING!

I enjoyed the Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Water Original flavour with added kiwi slices…it was refreshing and lovely. Throughout the week, I have infused other fruits, mint and lemon into the original and also enjoyed the flavoured varieties but my favourites are the original and the lemon lime.

The biggest thing I found isn’t a shocker…it’s a mind over matter thing. The more I reached for the water, the easier it became. When I focused on the thought of having a soda…the more I missed it.

In just 1 week, I am less bloated and I know that I’ve done my body a favour. In the past I’ve tried this and I know it’s the right choice…now I’m committing to making it a long-term decision and changing my thought process to one where I’m grateful for water instead of resenting drinking it.

This past 7 days has been a learning experience for me, discovering new ways to rethink my drink and improve my health with different fruit and vegetable infusions.

How to Make Berry Infused Water

Infusing water with fruits and herbs is a lovely way to add flavours. The process is quite simple and the result is wonderful. This doesn’t make your water sweet, it provides a subtle flavour… a touch rather than an explosion.

Infused water soberjulie

Wash some blackberries and strawberry slices. I used a handful, approximately 5 blackberries and 2 large strawberries.

Place them into the bottom of your glass and press them with a muddler or the bottom of a wooden spoon. Don’t pulverize the fruit, you want to just press them until the fruit juice is released.

Add ice into the cup and top with your water. I chose to use Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Water Lemon Lime flavour. This gives me the pop of carbonation I really like!

Top with a few more blackberries and enjoy!

soberjulie berry infused water (1)

Make A Change!

Are you up for the challenge…will you #RethinkYourDrink? If you’re making the change, why not pick up some Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Water to help make it easier? I found it really helped and I enjoyed coming up with fruit and vegetable infusion combinations!

Let me know if you’re up for the challenge, I’d love to support one another!

Want the easiest challenge you’ll ever take and maybe win a trip in the process?

It’s time to Rethink Your Drink! Register online at and pledge to switch out one of your regular drink choices for a Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling water once a day for seven days.

Not only will you receive a coupon to save $3 off a case of Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Water, six Canadians will have the chance to win a luxurious weekend away in Toronto.

It’s time to add some sparkle to your life. Register now.


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  1. It’s a really fresh idea. I’ll try with pineapple with a slice of lime. The summer is coming and I’ll need something more freshly. You didn’t put any sugar, right?

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