Wordless Wednesday~Christmas

We began our Christmas day with the girls standing beside our bed singing Happy Birthday to Jesus….it was fantastic and shocked us.

It was a day of Christmas miracles!!!

My daughters actually got along well!

Sisters ChristmasWith Justin Beiber’s Christmas CD playing we could almost deal with Chelsea’s squeals of delight when she saw her new Tshirt.

Justin Bieber ChristmasSydney was so cute, she dropped her “chilled out” act and truly allowed herself to be delighted on Christmas day.

Angry Birds Stuffed ToyHubby also got in on the goofiness which is the vibe of our Christmas Morning.


It was a wonderful celebration, the girls actually loved their gifts which is always a relief. Hubby and I had agreed to do simple stockings for each other so I was surprised when he announced in a surprised voice that there was 1 more present under the tree.

It was addressed to the family from Santa…the girls quickly unwrapped it and this was the best shot I managed through all of the jumping around…

iPad ChristmasThank you Santa for the family iPad…it’s been a few days of downloading and negotiations but it’s a lovely surprise!

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  1. Love the girls matching PJs!
    Happy Downloading.
    And that husband of yours is starting to grow on me. Shhh! Don’t tell him! I don’t want him to come over here and punch me in the face. I hate when that happens.

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