Epcot Must See Attractions

If you’re heading to Epcot you really should do your best to take the Monorail there. The Monorail is a complimentary transit system. Originally conceived as a public transport for the future, the Walt Disney World Monorail System has three separate beams that travel throughout Walt Disney World Resort and allow you to see everything from above.

Epcot Family Photo

Space Ship Earth

You can’t miss Space Ship Earth as you enter Epcot, it’s an impressive dome that seems to draw you in. This is a slow-moving ride that I was able to join in on. This is a very interesting inter-active ride that takes you through the ages from the beginning of time into the future.

Throughout the ride you are asked a series of multiple choice questions which add up to a prediction of what my life will be like in the future. This certainly encouraged me to think more GREEN.

CAA Exclusive Story Time

If you book your Disney Vacation with CAA you are entitled to some extra benefits. The Exclusive Story Time is one that is a truly wonderful experience. Set in the Innovations West Building nobody even realizes this intimate experience is available.

The day of the Story Time we had no idea who would be reading and so we were really excited. There was an usher who treated each child like royalty as he led them into what felt like a secret inner sanctum. After a few moments he announced Snow White into the room!

Epcot CAA Story Time

Oh it was so sweet, the kids were super excited to see Snow White and she greeted each little person individually. She read a wonderful story which of course I cannot remember because I was too busy snapping photos then Snow White led the children around the room in a parade.

As you can see from the photos it was an intimate experience where the kids really got to spend some time with Snow White.

Epcot CAA Story Time Snow White

Then the children lined up and took turns getting Snow White’s autograph and we took photos. It was an amazing experience that I’m sure our Chelsea will never forget. Just one more reason why I’d suggest folks book their Disney vacations with a CAA Magical Planner.


Soarin is located in The Land Pavilion and is my FAVORITE ride at Walt Disney World! This is one that didn’t hurt me at all, it was smooth as silk and had me laughing out loud. It’s a multi-sensory attraction which simulates a smooth hang-gliding tour of California.

We were lifted 40 feet into the air and swooped and swayed into believing we were actually hang-gliding. To top off  the amazing views, Disney even provided us with the spray of water on our faces, the scents of the oranges growing below and wind blowing through our hair. It’s simply AMAZING!

Mission Space

From our previous visit 2 years ago this was my husband and daughters favourite ride. They were dying to go and once again they weren’t disappointed by this simulated flight mission to Mars.

As you are going onto the ride there are 4 seats in each pod. You are assigned a title for the mission and have unique tasks you have to complete.  This ride has you rocketing around the moon, experiencing a brief period of simulated hyper sleep and landing on Mars before returning to Earth.

For this ride Disney advises that people with back or neck problems may find their issues aggravated by the ride so I wasn’t able to partake but I did enjoy seeing the excitement on their faces as they disembarked. Poor little Chesea was frightened out of her mind, nobody is allowed to say the “SM” word around her……if your child is frightened of the dark perhaps it’s best for them to bypass this ride.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Once again our CAA Magical Planner astounded me when she told me she had managed to get us a seating at this character meal! Generally speaking this is a favourite for visitors to Walt Disney World and it’s recommended to book 180 days before your trip.

Not only did our CAA Magical Planner manage to get us seats, she secured it for the day we had the girls makeovers. What a treat it was to be in the Medieval themed castle with a princess and a pirate!

We were greeted by Belle and had the opportunity to get a photo with her.

Akershus Belle

The food was incredible and the event well planned out . We began with an appetizer buffet and the princesses began coming to tables just as we were finishing. Part way through we were served our dinner (seriously delicious) and the princesses timed their visits so as not to interrupt our eating.

Akershus ArielAkershus CinderellaAkershus Princess

Once we finished eating the princesses led the children around the restaurant in a parade. Even our doubtful pirate joined in!!

Akershus Princess Parade

I’d recommend Akershus to everyone going to Epcot, the food quality is much higher than most character meals.

Rose & Crowne Pub & Dining Room

My parents would be impressed with this British pub! It’s located in the United Kingdom Pavilion and hits the mark with authenticity. The decor and food are typical British and yes I can attest to that after being raised by two Brits!Epcot Rose and Crown

Although I bypassed the pints my husband enjoyed one and I joined in the sing along, belting out the lyrics that surrounded my childhood. We really enjoyed the Rose and Crown, after all the character meals it’s refreshing to find quality British food in a relaxed, welcoming environment.

United Kingdom Pavilion

As a child I had the pleasure of visiting my parents families in England every few years. The United Kingdom Pavilion has really brought me back to those trips. With the authentic phone boxes, the Bobbies, cobblestones under my feet, fantastic pubs and the maze for the kids, my Mum and Dad would feel at home here.

Epcot UK PavillionEpcot UK Pavillion CottageEpcot UK Pavillion Square

This is my favourite pavilion for sure, it could be because I feel at home here but Disney goes above and beyond when it comes to details. At each pavilion over Christmas there is a reenactment of a cultural tale, we found Father Christmas telling the tale of Scrooge in the UK.

Epcot UK Pavillion Father Christmas

Canada Pavilion

As Canadians visiting how could we not go and check out the Canada Pavilion to see what folks think of our culture. We were greeted by a celtic band, Off Kilter who were hilarious as they performed in their kilts. These guys are a must see, they get everyone moving and grooving.


Epcot Canada

It was a kick to see the different Canadian items they were selling, from beaver hats to maple syrup to Goofy Mountie shirts….we were amused.

Epcot Canada hats

IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth

As the day came to an end we were tired and there was some bickering going on. Many of us parents would give in at this point, opting to call it a night and return to a cozy hotel room. My husband just isn’t this parent; instead he found us a great spot to watch IllumiNations.

To say the spectacular fireworks show took our breaths away isn’t praise enough. Epcot has officially become my favourite park for fireworks. This is a journey across the world and history, with scenes appearing on top of the water it’s simply beautiful and a MUST see.

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  1. Wow! We’ve never been and hope to one day. Looks like you had a fab time! I mean…how could you not? It’s the place where dreams come true. Love the Canadian Pavilion, what a nice treat to see.
    Great post Julie!

    1. Honestly it’s for all ages, they have amazing things for the wee ones as well. Things like water fountains built into the ground, lights in the pavement, character meetings….

  2. Thanks for sharing about the intimate reading experience you can have. I hadn’t heard about it before and will keep it in mind should we have the chance to book a vacation to Disney. I loved visiting Epcot as a kid and hope to bring my boys there, too.

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