New Year’s Eve Word Search

Every New Year’s Eve our family stays in and does something wacky to celebrate. This has become a tradition with us, our eldest daughter celebrates her birthday on New Year’s Eve and frankly getting a sitter just feels wrong.

New Year’s Eve used to be all about socializing and drinking but these days of sobriety it’s about family time. Being silly and doing things like wearing our finest clothes, making mocktails and playing board games are memories my children will have.

As I plan for our celebration, I’m going to share some New Year’s Eve activities with you all.

Today I’m bringing you a New Year’s Eve Word Search I’ve made, I know my kids are going to love it!

New Year's Eve Word search

If you’d like to print a pdf version just hit this link: New Year’s Eve Word Search

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  1. This year my husband and I will drive the kids to my sister in law ‘s house and then we drive back here to leave for a trip for four nights to Las Vegas. My Xmas present to him was our first grown up trip without kids in 12 years. !!! So excited.

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