Marvelous Mocktails ~ Red Apple Delight non-alcoholic drinks recipe

When you cut alcohol out of your life you quickly find that there aren’t many options at social events. Sure, non-alcoholic drinks such as coffee, tea and pop are usually served but let’s get real, if you’re like me you’ve always associated special drinks with having fun.

I’m happy to introduce my newest endeavor here on Sober Julie Doing Life, I aim to provide fabulous non-alcoholic mocktail recipes to the World!!!

Once a week I will provide recipes for Marvelous Mocktails, these will be drinks we’ve compiled here at our house and actually enjoy!!

As a host you must provide alternatives for people who don’t drink alcohol, there are countless reasons why people abstain and having a non-alcoholic choice will allow the guest to feel included in your event.

Red Apple Delight


Red Apple Delight,a refreshing drink to be enjoyed in lovely cocktail glasses. Dust off your best glasses and prepare for a treat! For a lighter recipe, blend your own juices or use sugar-free options.

Preparation Time:
Makes 4 glasses


1 1/2 cups apple juice
3/4 cups sweet lime juice
4 tsp grenadine syrup
1/4 cup carbonated water
1 cup crushed ice
For The Garnish
4 apple fans


  1. Combine the first 3 ingredients, in a cocktail shaker and shake well.
  2. Fill each cocktail glass with crushed ice and pour equal quantity of the juice, leaving a half an inch at the top of the glass.
  3. Top each glass with carbonated water and stir.
  4. Serve immediately garnished with apple fans.

To make Apple Fans

  1. Starting from one end of a quartered apple piece makes around 4 to 5 slits at regular intervals till 1 cm away from the other end.
  2. Gently open the slices to form a fan.
  3. Pierce with a toothpick from the intact end to hold the slices and place on the glass.


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  1. I was thinking about this actually at the conference. Sure there are the usual drinks as you mentioned but they don’t readily make available the non-alcoholic versions. You can ask for them without alcohol however but you have to pay to same price which hardly seems right. Thanks for the tasty looking recipe; I’ll have to try this one. :) Shared/tweeted!

  2. Yum! I might try and make this tonight, I still feel a little flat sometimes on a Friday that there’s no ‘drinkies’ to look forward to like there used to be. Having said that I DO NOT miss Saturday hangovers! Will have to hunt out the grenadine syrup. I went to a hotel bar for cocktails last Saturday and had the most delicious mocktail..makes me want to experiment more! Cheers xxx

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