Time With a Personal Trainer – Start the Year off Right

The New Year is upon us and if you’re anything like me, you’re focusing upon improving your health and fitness. This may mean you’re researching nutrition, gym memberships and you’re flat out determined to get yourself on track! As you are looking around, I ask you to consider spending time with a personal trainer learning and growing.

Anyone who is focused upon improving their health and fitness can benefit from time spent with a personal trainer but all too often we balk at spending the money on ourselves. We do research online or just watch around us in the gym and try to learn how to develop a workout routine for ourselves instead. The thing is, we’re missing out on a plan developed specifically for ourselves which we get when we have a qualified personal trainer set one up. It took me a VERY long time to get real with myself and realize the value of spending the time with a trainer far out-weighed the cost.
personal trainer session soberjulieFor many  years I worked out without the guide of a personal trainer, sure I somewhat knew how to use machines and did get a workout but the results weren’t optimized and I was floundering at times. There is nothing like feeling awkward at the gym when you feel like everyone knows you have NO idea how to use the equipment to make you realize that you’re out of your depths.

At my gym, Headwaters Racquet Club in Orangeville I have a trainer Tallon Martin who recently performed a personal assessment for me. This wasn’t a simple 10 minute interview which I’ve experienced in the past with a trainer, it was a chunk of time where he measured my range of motion and had me bending in ways I hadn’t before.

personal trainer session

Once we’d done a full assessment, Tallon sat me down and created a personalized exercise plan which took into account my current limitations. From injuries to lower fitness levels, there are modifications within my plan which I hadn’t taken into account. These modifications will allow me to workout, improve and eventually hit the goals we’ve set. 2015 has some large goals for me, including running my first 5K since the car accident 5 years ago. This may not seem like a big one for some but the injuries I have remaining from the accident hinder me from any movements which are jarring or impactful so it’s a long shot so far.

A HUGE percentage of people begin an exercise program with wonderful intentions, only to quit it within 3 months. Interestingly, those who choose to employ the services of a Personal Trainer maintain their exercise programs. This isn’t really a surprise for those who have used a PT, the feeling of empowerment is motivating to say the least.

Using a personal trainer can be very simple or very complicated, but there are some basic points that you should know. This will enable you to decide what trainer is best for you.

5 Reasons to Use a Personal Trainer

  1. Safety – in the gym there are many ways you can injure yourself! A personal trainer will walk you through all of the equipment, taking time to instruct you on each piece you will be using and answer any questions you have. Don’t limit yourself to the equipment you’ll be using now, ask about ALL of the amenities the gym to gain insight and set goals for the future. Choose a personal trainer who has undergone certification and testing to prescribe the right exercise for you, exactly as you are today.
  2. Motivation – the relationship you have with your personal trainer will be a special one. On those days when you absolutely don’t feel like hitting the gym, your relationship with your personal trainer will motivate you. During workouts, they will encourage you to move past a barrier you may have set for yourself and allow you to SHINE. No tall personal trainers motivate like a drill sergeant, they watch and see what is most effective to light a fire under you and remember they are invested in your success!
  3. Organization – A great personal trainer (like mine at Headwaters Racquet Club) will outline a training plan for you, set goals and give you the insight as to WHY they laid out the plan. This plan will be laid out clearly and even written down for you so that when you’re in the gym in between training sessions you can refer to them. I’m often seen walking around with my training card in hand to access notes or check what weights I’m to use.
  4. Knowledge – Walking into the gym and expecting to work out like I did in high school didn’t go very far, my 40 year old body just didn’t comply! Thankfully my trainer had the knowledge to choose exactly the right workout for my body. Great personal trainers take the time to upgrade their educations and stay up to date on the latest scientific trends in exercise.
  5. Accountability – Having someone who will look you right in the eye and challenge you, empower you and lead you makes it awfully difficult to feel good about giving up. The relationship you have your personal trainer will keep you accountable to yourself and the goals which you set together. This is a HUGE benefit, no longer can we easily give up, we have now realized that we have the support to achieve a mark which we may have thought was unattainable in the past.

personal trainer session 2

Let 2015 be the year when you achieve the health goals you’ve been hoping for! Taking it one step or workout at a time we CAN get where we hope!

Need encouragement? My trainer, Tallon Martin is the head trainer atHeadwaters Racquet Club. Tallon is inspiring! He is a firm believer in quality nutrition and physical activity. Follow him on Twitter or Instagram, you’re sure to be inspired! You can also keep up with the folks at my gym on the Headwaters Racquet Club Page, Twitter orInstagram.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more! After my brother died very suddenly this past summer I was driven to turn my life around. My husband and I joined a local gym and we talked into a personal training package. Not ones to spend money lightly we ummed and ahhed about it. I am SO glad that we decided to get the 6 session starter pack. It has changed our lives. I am much more confident in all aspects of my life. Sadly the last of my sessions was yesterday but I feel like I’ve build a great foundation.

    Keep up the great work!

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