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The Christmas season is the time when children’s wishes come true! Recently our daughters had their wishes come true when Barbie asked them to be Barbie Princesses for the Toronto Santa Claus Parade! It really was an amazing day, exhilarating to say the least. Having the opportunity to see a child’s wish that you just can’t grant come true…well that was beyond touching.

barbie santa claus parade torontoThis Holiday season, we’re all pulled to think of those who are less fortunate and to pay it forward when we can. Not everyone can experience amazing things but with Barbie ANYTHING is possible! It’s not just people who can’t afford things…think about those who simply aren’t able to participate because of health concerns. Anyone who has lived with an ailing child knows that many things can simply be out of reach for the wee one.

Make-A-Wish Canada is an organization which grants chronic and terminally ill children their most wonderful wishes! Time after time, Make-A-Wish Canada makes the impossible possible and this year Barbie is teaming up with Make-A-Wish to grant even more wishes!

Barbie Wishes from the Heart

This Christmas season, Barbie™ fans can submit their most amazing wishes to up until December 31st. I’d love for you to share your Wishes from the Heart this holiday season, and remember to wish big, because with Barbie™ Anything is Possible!

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.34.27 PM

Once uploaded to Barbie my Dreams™, submissions will be sent to the user’s Barbie my Dreams™, registered email address. If the wish is not for the parents, they can then forward their daughter’s heartfelt wish to its intended recipient (for example, a teacher, an aunt, etc). After all, the Holiday season is really about kindness, selflessness and being together!

Until December 10, 2015, when you record a wish, you can be entered to win that wish (up to a value of $2500 CDN)….how amazing!

Barbie™ has released a special compilation video of children describing their holiday wishes which is super touching.

Each time this video is shared, Barbie will donate $1 to Make a Wish Canada up to a maximum of $10,000. Get sharing friends and be sure to use #BarbieWishes when you do! Barbiewill also celebrate the season by granting one wish submitted online!

When Chelsea heard about this, she really wanted to make her own video. I’m very pleased to be sharing it with you now.

Barbie Wishes From the Heart Giveaway

My amazing friends at Barbie feel that it’s time to gift someone here a wish! One lucky Canadian reader will receive $100 worth of Barbie product for the Holidays. The product includes the 2014 Holiday Barbie, Barbie & The Secret Door Doll, Barbie & The Secret Door DVD and a few other goodies!!!!

barbie giveaway

Entry is simple, just fill in the form below. All entries will be verified, this contest ends on Decmeber 13th, 2014. The winner will have 48 hours to respond.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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122 Responses

  1. I wish that everyone will have a very merry Christmas and wishing health and happiness (and wish some good to come my families way)

  2. I have 2 daughters pregnant now (found out about the other just last night) so I wish my daughters to have healthy, happy babies!

  3. I honestly wish that every child with cancer gets a cure and gets to be a child, and I wish that my husband gets a break from looking after me and gets back to having some joy in his life

  4. wish who ever stole my friends Christmas money would return it. as she is on old age and cannot afford Christmas now

  5. I wish food banks weren’t needed in Canada. They shouldn’t be but unfortunately they are what stands between eating and going hungry for many in our country.

  6. I wish for my parents to be happy for the holidays. They just split up this week after being together 32 years and it’s making the holidays especially hard this year… 9 year old autistic daughter (THE biggest Barbie fan) hasn’t been told yet that Grandma is leaving grandpa and leaving the country so I also wish there was an easy way to explain this to my child so close to Christmas :( I wish everyone in the world happiness during the holidays….it’s a tough time of year for many but keep on smiling and remember what Christmas is all about xox

  7. I hope everyones Christmas wishes come true this holiday season. And that this year we will find a cure for Cancer. Too many friends ,family and children are going through this needlessly.Merry Christmas

  8. I wish for a friend who lost her son unexpectedly this past year to have peace and be strengthened. Especially during the Christmas season.

  9. I wish for good health for everyone especially my sister and her family who has dealt with cancer now 5 times.

  10. I wish for my siblings to be healthy so many have been hit with cancer and its taken their lives 3/10 gone so far in the past 4 yrs

  11. I would like to help my friend who has three very young children and very little money for Christmas. She works very hard cleaning homes all day to provide for her children.

  12. I wish that one of my friends who has been going though some difficult times would get some good news and be able o begin focusing on the positive again.

  13. I wish that my granddaughter would finally get potty trained and that she would outgrow her temper tantrums she is constantly throwing. I also wish my family could come up with the money for the installation fee for my dad’s headstone.

  14. I wish that my children will have better and more fulfilling experiences than I did growing up – chances look slim though the way society is going.

  15. I wish my daughter the opportunity for clarity of mind and spirit. The ability to make good choices and plan herself a great future. Happiness and peace for all her years!

  16. I wish better health for all my patients! I wish health for everyone in the coming year and please don’t do anything that will make you my patient

  17. I wish for my cousin, who was just diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double masectomy and upcoming radiation, to beat this thing and get healthy again for her twin girls and young son :).

  18. I wish for my daughter to have a special first Christmas! We are so blessed by her, the first baby on either side of our family in years.

  19. I wish that my ex-neighbors can find a permanent residence so their kids can remain in the same school and maintain their friends.

  20. I wish for health ,, happiness .. and loads of loving for my Husband, our son, our daughter and our new little Grandson, we are a close family, and am so grateful that god has blessed me to be so lucky to have them..:-)

  21. I would love to have this for a friend’s granddaughter. She would really love this. I would love to surprise her with it.

  22. I wish for my niece that her 2 year old son would be able to get his kidney transplant. They have been at sick kids since he was born.

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