Shop for Hope Gifts GIVEAWAY – Giving Back During Christmas #HolidayGifts2014

‘Tis the season to give hope with gifts that lift women and children in your community beyond abuse, and help build better tomorrows. Canadian Women’s Foundation empowers women and girls in Canada to move out of violence, out of poverty and into confidence.  This year Canadian Women’s Foundation has partnered with Winners and HomeSense to bring a line of Holiday gifts which will bring happiness to the receiver while also bringing hope to women and children because 100% of net proceeds help support local shelters and violence prevention programs in your community.

Think about that for a moment, 100% of proceeds go directly to helping others! I am totally into this because the foundation is dedicated to ending violence against women and that’s a cause we choose to support wholeheartedly.

The statistics provided by Canadian Women’s Foundation are alarming:

  • Half of all women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16
  • 67% of all Canadians say they personally know at least one woman who has been sexually or physically assaulted
  • On average, every six days a woman in Canada is killed by her intimate partner.  In 2011, In 2011, from the 89 police reported spousal homicides, 76 of the victims (over 85%) were women
  • On any given day in Canada, more than 3,300 women (along with their 3,000 children) are forced to sleep in an emergency shelter to escape domestic violence. Every night, about 200 women are turned away because the shelters are full.


With our Holiday Gift Guide, each of the bloggers has a charity which they’re donating to, we plan on adding to our donation by purchasing Gifts of Hope for those on our lists! These items are so amazingly pretty and again, 100% of the profits go to charity!

To find out more about Canadian Women’s Foundation head to their website, Follow them on Twitter and on Facebook.

Shop for Hope Chunky Knit Throws – $39.99 ea

gifts of hope blanket

Shop for Hope Plush Owl – $14.99 ea

gifts of hope owl

Shop for Hope Crochet Dachshund – $14.99 ea

gifts of hope croched dog

Shop for Hope Seasonal Coffee Mugs – $5.99 ea

gifts of hope coffee

Shop for Hope Faux Tabletop Tree – $9.99 ea

gifts of hope tree

Shop for Hope Musical Snow Globe – $16.99


Shop for Hope Cheese Board with Knife – $12.99


Shop for Hope Decorative Linen Cushion – $24.99 ea


Shop for Hope Decorative Linen Cushion – $19.99 ea


Shop for Hope Burlap Totes – $2.99 ea ea


Shop for Hope Burlap Santa Sacks – $5.99 ea

tri_holiday-charity_tjx43293santasacksShop for Hope Shop for Hope Reuseable Shopping Totes – $1.79 ea



Shop for Hope Knit Stockings – $16.99 ea


You can find all of the lovely gift items at your local Winners or HomeSense stores in Canada.


If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for more people on your list, make sure to check our the rest of our Holiday Gift Guide features and don’t forget to join us for the #HolidayGifts2014 Twitter Party on December 9th at 9pm EST where Ryobi will be giving away an amazing prize! RSVP HERE.



WIN a HUGE Shop for Hope Prize Pack

Shop For Hope Graphic


To celebrate the Christmas season, Canadian Women’s Foundation has provided us with a giveaway prize pack filled with select products in Shop for Hope line valued over $150! That’s over $200 in value and some amazing gifts.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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154 Responses

  1. I give things to the shelters. A lot if stuff I collect over the year from contesting and couponing I drop off either to the homeless shelter but mostly to the ones where moms and kids are .

  2. Our kids and I put together shoeboxes for “Operation Christmas Child.” We work all year to collection little toys and items and put together in November as a team. A tradition I hope to continue…

  3. working at the food bank; working in charity concerts for various organisations. asking that money usually spent on gifts be donated to a charity of my choice. thanks

  4. my family adopts a family for xmas that wouldnt normally get a xmas …we also pack boxes for operation christmas child

  5. Yesterday at Sobeys, the little boy and his Mom in front of us at the checkout told the cashier it was hid birthday, so I bought him a Kinder egg…his face lit right up…such a great feeling…I thought about him all day!

  6. I am donating to Goodwill, no since throwing out good clothes and small appliances when someone else can use them!

  7. We give and deliver for Santa Anonymous, hand out blankets, food vouchers and coffee where we know homeless teens hang out , and do a few other things, as much as my health allows me!

  8. By remembering that small acts of kindness go a long way – i.e. opening a door for someone, helping them with their bags. Best of all, it’s a great example for our kids!

  9. We’ve been collecting and donating food to our church to help with their christmas hamper program. I also have some items to donate to the salvation army for their toy drive.

  10. I have donated to our food bank, salvation army and i have donated a few toys as well to tree for hope at our local mall

  11. I walk dogs and visit the animals at the humane society and bring food and treats. They need love too and are caged all the time during the holidays . so Christmas day and boxing day and 3 times a week I go and take the doggies for a walk. I would take the kitties but they don’t listen at all !

  12. We have adopted a family this Christmas. We’re creating a Christmas hamper that will go towards their big Christmas dinner and gifts for the kids.

  13. We put together Winter survival Back Packs for the Homeless in Calgary. We always put in a Tims card too so that they can come in out of the cold and have a coffee or light snack

  14. Every year, I make sure to do 12 acts of kindness (one for each month) This year, I baked bread and gave it to my neighbors, bought coffee for the people in line behind me, helped a dog rescue get sponsors for a charity auction and made doggie mats from old sheets for the rescues, and knit blankets and scarves for the homeless. I am poor, being disabled, but I have skills so you use what you have.

  15. We donate canned goods to a local food drive and we donate clothing and other items to a local shelter during the holiday season.

  16. I try to donate as much as possible to the food banks and our school is also having a food drive and collecting coats for the homeless.

  17. We stuffed shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child and my daughter has approached her teacher about doing a toy drive. This has nothing to do with the question but as a survivor of domestic abuse I think this is a wonderful idea. I will be owning some of these whether I win or not!

  18. The Christmas boxes with World Vision.. I grew up putting boxes together every year to send away, and now I am so excited to continue the tradition with my daughter. Teaching her to give to those who need it most.

  19. I have actually purchased one of the burlpa sacks. We are clearing out and cleaning up barely used toys and filling up boxes with canned and boxed foods to send to a local community centre that helps the financial disadvantaged locally

  20. Even though we don’t have much extra this year we are donating what we can. We bought 10 pairs of gloves for the schools fundraiser to help others, and we are donating winter jackets and sleeping bags to the homeless

  21. Our Santa Parade is on Saturday. I will be taking some food items to donate, I always give to the Salvation Army and I am donating toys to the Local Happy Tree.

  22. I donate clothes to salvation army, food to the foodbank, toys to chumcity wish, and money tot he starlight foundation

  23. We practice RACK (random acts of Kindness) also we make gift bags for the homeless in our community. Each bag contains food, toiletries, hat mitts and a treat!

  24. We donate toys and give to the local food bank. We also up the ante for charities such as Sick Kids Hospital :)

  25. This year along with the usual donations of money and toys for children…I am helping my 26 year old daughter…this campaign hits very close to home. My daughter has been staying with me for the last few days after finally leaving an abusive relationship. I am just so glad that she is home and Julie…your strength and courage will help both of us through what will be a long journey to healthy and happy.

  26. I take beauty and personal products that I have purchased on special during the year to the shelter for young women in town.

  27. We have donated food numerous times to the food bank, pet food to the local shelter and sponsored a family for christmas.

  28. We give back this holiday season by buying gifts for our adopt a family at our church and my husband’s workplace.

  29. Ma voisine est âgée et vie seul dans son logement, tout l’ hiver je lui déblais son entré de cour quand je fait la mienne, cela ne me prend que quelque minutes de plus.

  30. We’re doing several things this season to help others including Angel Tree (x2), Joyful Socks, Make a Wish, World Vision and the Foodbank.

  31. I am driving a young girl to work and back home because her car is broke down and she hasn’t got the means to fix it right now.She has little children and can’t afford to lose her job.I will help her out until she gets her car fixed.

  32. Donating food to the food bank, donating toys to Toy Mountain and local shelters and donating adult clothing to local shelters

  33. We have helped others by donating to the food bank through my childrens school food drive and bought gifts for our local Salvation Army angel tree.

  34. We bought toys and gave money to two families that were struggling this year to provide Christmas for their children.

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