Bad Hair Day? Find your Inner Sassified Self.

Good afternoon friends from the windy city of OZ, OK so I don’t live in OZ but today the blustery weather has me waiting to see a house fly by or at least a cow or two.
Spring weather this year has been unpredictable, we’ve had snow, rain, sun and now wind. Tornado warnings have been all over the weather network and yet I do what I do best, I ignore it all and try to have the best hair day possible.
You can read about my hair perspective HERE if you don’t know me well yet.
*Don’t even try to tell me this is an unworthy blog topic, by the Facebook status updates today I can assure you that women all over the world are cursing the elements due to hair issues. It ranks right up there with having static cling on your trousers at work, a broken under wire in a bra or unexpectedly getting your time of the month as my Mother would say*
Today I was at a disadvantage in the coif department, I’m overdue for a cut and color so it was a challenge at the mirror, armed with my products and styling brushes it was a joust I was determined to win!
With some careful maneuvering and the crisscrossed part effect I thought I had in fact created an acceptable “do” to be seen with.
Until my 5 year old remarked, “Mama you look beautiful, your hair is like a skunk.”
Whatever could she mean?
I returned to the mirror and moved things around a bit more…nope no dice, this was what I was working with peeps:
Huh, lookie at that, she’s right.
Son of a B…..nope I don’t bloody swear anymore.
But why couldn’t everyone else in the world be under 5’4″?
My hair situations could be so much simpler.
I crisscrossed the panels some more and was all ready to escort my little princess to a very special birthday party.
Off we went eager to share this celebration with a seriously cute bunch of little ladies.
It was a comedy of errors getting to the party, the wrapping paper I bought was too small for the box, my princess caught a car door in the face when the wind whipped it closed with her in the way, my shirt lifted and revealed to the world my lily white skin just under the bra line….AWESOME.
The kicker here folks was that there was no more hairdo, no sassy crisscrossed effect, all that was left of such glamor and romance of a good hairdo was a messy head of hair that I was determined to carry off with panache. The party was magical, there is nothing like a room full of little girls aged 2 through 7 celebrating together. The laughter, their imagination and their little smiles filled me up with happiness.
And imagine this, they didn’t even notice the skunk stripe!
A bad hair day used to throw me off, like off the scale outta whack.
 I can distinctly remember frantically applying product in attempts of achieving the “put together” look and the heartbreak when I just couldn’t achieve it.
Now when this situation occurs it is merely another kink in the ribbon of my day, one to be embraced, laughed at and accepted.
There is no answer for these days, I can’t wear hats anymore (I have some seriously cute hats but they increase the headaches), my hair is too short for a pony and my roots show even more with clips.
So yup, I’ve progressed to saying “to hell with it” and going with the hairdo flow.
And now I will ask you peeps to join me, when the wind blow out your “do”, when the comb over goes awry, when your skirt is tucked into your panties in public, when you endure a wedgie from a poor choice of panties….say “to hell with it”, embrace it and OWN your Inner Sassified Self.

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  1. Woo hoo! Just put on the music and "dance naked" (which in my world means dance exactly where you are as you are with abandon of all those should, could must and dos) :) Somehow the rhythm of grace, once it starts, is so contagious… ya just can't help but join in :)HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!!!

  2. Agreed!! You have to laugh if you don't want to cry…thanks for joining my blog and your comment on free will. It's such a difficult question and it was good to hear other people's thoughts.

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