Recently Ford Canada held The Blue Party where they unveiled the new 2013 Ford Escape, Shelby GT500, Taurus SHO and Focus ST. I was honored to have been asked to attend but unfortunately wasn’t able to make it. I reached out to my fellow bloggers and asked if anyone could represent me and was pleased when AerynLynne from Geek With Style said she could make it.

Thank you so much to Ford Canada for allowing AerynLynne to experience your new lineup and tell my readers about your event. Next time I will be coming myself, I’d love to have more information about your vehicles and hope to test drive that beautiful Shelby GT500!


With so much thanks to Julie, my husband and I managed to have a great night out!  It’s possible that there are only so many times you can go out to watch a movie for “date night”, so I might have been really excited for the chance to do something different! ;)

Getting there was a trip too, in more ways than one! (bad pun, my bad)


We traveled to the event by city transit. This meant I could read tweets with the hashtag #fordblue while we were on our way to the party, which was actually more exciting than what you might think.  Knowing that I was in for a fun night from the tweets I was reading and the pics that went with them, it really emphasized that we were in for a fun time.

Of course we took the wrong bus to get there, so instead of being dropped off almost at the front door we added a half hour walk in cold snowy weather.  *oops*

I knew when we got to the Liberty Grand though because there was this huge hulking blue Ford truck sitting right outside the front door!


When we finally defrosted inside the Liberty Grand a few minutes later, we were treated to some yummy treats thanks to Christine’s Sweet Treats! Of course all décor’d in whites and blues!

It’s after I look at the picture now that I’ve realized that their company van was a Ford 2012 Transit Connect! *facepalm*  Obviously I was more interested in the sweats than the vehicle behind it.

After a bit of “sampling”, we veered off into the main party room, and the first things to catch our attention were the beautiful drinks.


frontDid I mention the half an hour walk we took to get to Liberty Grand? Did I happen to also mention it was snowing?  And oh yes, the mighty cold wind to boot? And that I wore chunky heels?  (Psst, if you ever need to get to the Liberty by TTC, go to Dufferin Stn., and NOT Bathurst Stn.)

Suffice it to say, we were a little thirsty.

I was halfway to grabbing a glass (bottom left in the pic above) while asking the waiter what was in them.  I didn’t quite hear what he had called them (expecting to hear something like Kool Aid), but I did get the gist that they were alcoholic in nature. This was a shame, ‘cause the color made them look like the yummy Kool Aid I was hoping them to be!  My reasons might be different from Julie’s, but neither J nor I drink, so my hand froze from nearly picking up a glass.  I asked if any of them were mock, but I don’t think that waiter knew what “mock” meant if his confuzzled face was anything to go by. Instead J went up to the bar to get us both a couple of diet cokes.

Anyway, check out this vid for the opening ceremony! (And there are some cool pics at the end too!)

racetrackWhen the introductions were done, and the pretties were all properly drooled over, J and I decided to try our hands at driving on the track above.

What was weird, but funny and really cool, was that I recognized quite a few of the people who were at the party.  It was like being at a high-school reunion, only with a bit more cool factor where I could point out to J the whose-who.    It was really great seeing @cammipham (who won “Best Dressed” that night, woot!! You go girl!), @kidsummers, and @trina_stewart again, even if it was just a wave and a nod.

I seem to be hard of hearing on a good day, but there was no way I could carry a convo at this party with the music playing so loud.  Not that loud music is a bad thing, I just couldn’t really hear what anyone was saying, so kinda just waved, said “Hi!” as loud as I could, and then went to see another pretty car on display.

The vehicles were amazing, who knew that cars could be this beautiful and safe at the same time. The 2013 Shelby GT500 is just plain impressive, with its sexy lines and super-fast performance how could one not fall in love?


dinnerWe had planned to leave somewhat early because neither of us was able to catch dinner beforehand, so it was a really nice surprise to find the party not only catered, but with lots of choices!

There was a small booth to get mani, and boy was I tempted to get mine done before we left.  I admired one particular bottle of nail polish all night, it was this really pretty light blue… and was excited when I saw the lid of a bottle of polish sticking out from the gift bag I was handed at the end, but it wasn’t the shade I’d hoped.  gifts

I had hope though, hope and J’s gift bag!  I opened his to see if he got a bottle too, and again saw the lid sticking out from underneath the tissue paper.  I pulled it out, and there was the pretty light blue I was eyeing up all night!

The evening was wonderful; great food, awesome beats, good peeps, and impressive vehicles…. Ford really knows how to throw a party!

I would love to thank Julie and Ford Canada again for allowing my hubby and I to enjoy a night out and learn more about Ford’s 2013 models.

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