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I have always had a soft-spot for lockets. As a child my Mum had a beautiful jewellery container upon her dresser which was strictly off-limits to us. It was a gorgeous little crystal bowl, it had a metal filigree ribbon around the center and an oh-so delicate crystal lid. Inside it held precious treasures, specifically two lockets that I adored looking at. Inside the lockets were actual photos, they were of my Mum and her brothers as children and could keep me occupied with visions of her childhood in England for hours.

Recently I came across a company, PicturesOnGold.com who specialize in creating beautiful personalized jewellery to fit your tastes. As I toured their website, I came across their photo jewelery and became excited. I cannot remember seeing my Mum wearing her lockets recently but I knew she’d be touched if I were able to get her a locket with my sister and I in it.

The kind people at PicturesOnGold worked with me, they had me identify the text for the front of the locket, my Mum’s birthstone and provide the photos. This almost felt too good to be true, my Mum is a sappy woman…much like myself and I knew that this piece of jewelery could touch her deeply. I was frightened that the locket would arrive and be of poor quality, or the laser etching of our photos would be unclear.

Picture-On-GoldThankfully my concerns were unnecessary, when it arrived the locket was simply beautiful!

The sterling silver locket was weighty in my hand, you know as well as I do you’re often taking a chance when ordering online but this little locket is quality and the 18″ chain which was included is subtle yet lovely.

The text “Mum” which I’d chosen was clear on the locket, perfectly centered and easy to read. The Opal sits directly at the top of the bale, linking the chain and the locket nicely.



Inside the locket are the photos of my sister (blocked for her privacy) and myself, one on each side. The photos are so much clearer than I’d expected and centered perfectly within the heart.

The clasps which opens/closes the locket are sturdy and won’t break easily.

The box it arrived in is also beautiful, it’s black velvet with a small bow on the front and was perfect for delivering without wrapping.

Off we went to my parent’s place, I think my children were more excited to give it to her than I was! We made it all the way into their living room before Chelsea blurted out “Grandma we have a prezzie for you.”

LocketMy Mum was shocked, it wasn’t a celebration so this really caught her off guard, in a good way. As she saw the beautiful black velvet box she began gasping and when she slowly opened it her voice became quite and she sighed “Oh its precious.” Her surprise when the girls told her to open it was classic, “There’s more?”

I don’t know if I can explain to you how it felt watching my sentimental Mum carefully open the locket, seeing her eyes fill with tears…well it was a moment to remember. To say she loves her new locket is an understatement, if I know my Mum it will be kept safely in that little crystal container which still sits upon her dresser.

You can find them on Facebook or Twitter, head on over to their website to see the lockets and other jewelery offered. Be sure to you the discount code: Patty 33 to get a 5% discount at checkout.

PicturesOnGold.com really came through and made my Mum’s day and just in time for Mother’s Day I will be holding a giveaway on April 16th, come back and watch for it!!


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  1. how thoughtful of a gift is that. So lovely that it means so much to her. I love how children get so excited about giving presents and can’t keep it a secret very long.

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