Yes, It’s True….I Love the WWE..#WWEMoms Twitter Party 3/27

wweI wasn’t always the girlie girl you see before you. When I was a kid I was into more “boy” games, bmx biking, climbing trees and outdoors play. Now that you know this, I hope you’re prepared for my secret……I’m a closet WWE lover.  Now that it’s out there, let’s move along….

Having one daughter that is a “tomboy”and one who is a “girlie girls” hasn’t been easy. There is a bit of a gap between our girls when it comes to playtime, many arguments have been had over whether they’re playing Barbies or Star Wars.

The one game which they always agree upon is Wrestling, no matter if they’re playing on the Wii or using our bed as their ring they suddenly become best friends when the WWE is involved. Now this I understand, when I was a girl my friends and I loved the WWE (known as the WWF back then).

I grew up with the Edge and Christian from WWE.

Oh you didn’t now that? Yes Adam and Jason grew up in my small town, they were both great guys in their youth and have done amazing things with their lives. I can remember playing with the action figures with Adam and our other friends.Imagine my surprise when he came into the restaurant where I worked during college and lifted me off my feet, spinning me around. It was hilarious because we’d had no contact for a long time and let’s just say my fellow employees were HUGE WWE fans; that day Adam raised my street cred miles beyond what I could have.

Nowadays I love the action of WWE but also that it spans across all age groups and is safe for the children to watch with us.

WWEMomsButtonLgDid you know that Wrestlemania XXVIII is coming on April 1st? We will be watching it on PPV and you can bet I’ll be snapping photos for a blog post in between refereeing my family’s antics.

My eldest daughter is a die-hard John Cena fan, while I’m supporting the ROCK. I love getting her all riled up and cannot wait for Wrestlemania when my ROCK will prevail!

Chelsea has chosen Kelly Kelly as her fav and hubby has remained non-committal so far, I’m sure this will change as the event draws closer.

If you’d like to get involved in some banter on Twitter please follow the #WWEMoms hashtag, I’m honored to have been chosen to help promote the #WWE and get those closet fans talking.

If you are lucky enough to live near Miami or need a fun spring break adventure, you can experience WWE live with WrestleMania Axxess, the biggest interactive fan event of the year. It takes over the Miami Beach Convention Center Thursday, March 29-Sunday, April 1 featuring live matches, Q&As, autograph signings, interactive activities and Superstars like John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Triple H, the Divas and more! Tickets are on-sale now and are available at For more information visit

I’m calling out all Moms and Dads out there, join with me and admit your love for the WWE. I just know we can come out of the closet and share our fond memories and support their efforts to provide entertainment for our families. Come on out and show your love, tweet using the #WWEMoms hashtag…even if you’re not a Mom!

Hey if I can admit I love WWE wrestling, can’t you?

Join me at #WWEmoms Twitter Chat

Come join us as we discuss the new, family friend WWE. Share you childhood memories, your favorite wrestlers, and tell us who you think will win Wrestlemania XXVIII

When: Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 8pm EST to 9pm EST

Where: On Twitter

Who: @lisasamples, @TheOnlineMom, @RachelFerrucci, @WrestlingAddict @SoberJulie @skconcepts

What: Come join us as we discuss WWE’s PG Family Entertainment and their awesome anti-bullying campagain be a STAR

Prizes: 3 awesome WWE Swag BAGS and a grand prize Xbox 360

We would love to see you all there! Tweet about the party & RSVP by leaving a link to your Twitter profile below.

 I have been compensated by The Online Mom for this post – all opinions expressed here are my own

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