Hide a Message in an Easter Egg Craft #BBFEggs

Easter is quickly approaching and I’ve been on the hunt for a cute way to tell our daughters how proud I am of them. I have been looking everywhere at Easter Egg Crafts and finally found something which I have changed up a bit to make it my own.

I’ve combined the idea of dying and decorating blown-out egg shells and sending a message with this Hidden Message in an Easter Egg Craft! How cute is this? My kids will get to smash an Easter egg and find a message from us telling them something supportive and uplifting. That spells a hit in our world!

I hope you all enjoy this craft and if you have any crafts which you make with eggs, feel free to share them with me! You know how much we enjoy our eggs here and as a Burnbrae Farms ambassador I’d love to fill my egg craft repertoire as I have with my egg recipes.

Hide a Message in an Easter Egg Craft

egg wm.jpg

This could possibly be the CUTEST craft I’ve ever done and it’s quite simple. Send these to friends, teachers or whomever you would like to surprise.

To begin, make a little hole with a pin in one end of an egg. Next take a drill bit and gently turn it within the pin hole, gently applying pressure. This will give you a bit of a larger hole without cracking the egg.

ester egg craft wmThe idea is to achieve a hole which will be large enough to hide a rolled up message in, just handle the eggs gently..

easter egg craft 5 wm

Do this on both ends and then tip the egg over a bowl and gently blow the egg out of the shell into the bowl. A special thank you to my amazing husband for helping me with this FUN craft, I love when he gets involved!

easter egg craft 3 wm

Now you can decorate or dye your eggs as you wish, we used simple liquid food colouring in water. Allow them to dry for a few hours to ensure the inside of the egg is dry.

While the egg is drying, get yourself a piece of paper and write out the message you want to hide.

eggs message

Cut this paper into a thin strip and fold (or roll) it into a small, long piece which will fit into the hole in the egg.

eggs with message wmThat’s it, now you have a hidden message inside an Easter Egg to present to someone you love.

hide message in easter egg craft square

Here are the steps in case anyone wants to Pin them for later, remember as long as you’re gentle this is super simple and a unique way to send a message….

hide a message in an easter egg craft

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I am participating in the Burnbrae Farms Brand Ambassador program. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I love this craft…thank you for such great instructions too…the pictures showing each step are fantastic!

  2. This is such an awesome idea! We have blown the insides out of eggs for years to decorate, but I never thought of putting a message in them.


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