Sean Quigley a teen from Winnipeg, Jesus & his Viral YouTube vid

Every now and again I’m smacked up side the head by something, it just snaps me to attention. Today someone passed along a link and it happened, a 16-year-old in Grade 11 reached within me and grabbed me by the heart!

Sean Quigley is from Winnipeg, Manitoba and has produced the most touching video I’ve seen in ages. This young man plays all instruments in his video for inspiring version of Little Drummer Boy

Oh my heart, this boy has the most joyful, smiling eyes!

Here’s what he said to the Winnipeg Sun:

“It’s not about me getting recognition,” Quigley said.

“This song is about Jesus. That’s what it’s about.”

AMEN to that Sean!!


I’m fist-pumping here.

This video has gone viral with over 963,499 hits (at least 30 are mine) on YouTube since he uploaded it on November 30th. Sean not only recorded all of the instruments, sang the vocals, recorded all of the shots but he edited it as well.

I have no doubt that God is working in Sean’s life and those around him….you go on with your bad self SEAN!!

Take a minute and watch this……if you’re not moved then check your bloody pulse!!

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