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Life for so many of us is busy and rarely do we take time to rest and recharge. As a mother of 2 living in such busy times I was very excited when I was presented the opportunity to attend Scandinave Spa at Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario to review their services.

The award-winning Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain is renowned for the outdoor Scandinavian Baths experience. Guests spend hours soaking whilst enjoying the serenity of the surrounding natural environment. Minutes from Collingwood & Blue Mountain Resort, the year-round experience offers Registered Massages, Getaway Packages & a delicious Bistro. Open daily from 10am-9pm.

For quite some time I’ve heard my friends gush about the amenities and peace they’ve found at Scandinave Spa and of course I’d seen the beautiful photos on their website but I don’t think I was quite prepared for the deep sense of serenity which I found while there.

Even as I drove onto the property I was struck by the nature which surrounds the facility, they’ve managed to utilize the existing landscape to their advantage.

scandinave spa driveway Between the snow gently falling and the rustic feel of the place, it felt like I was entering a different world.

Once I arrived, I met my good friend Christine from in the parking lot and we slowly made our way into the retreat, chatting away. The Lobby is lovely, it continues with the rustic feel and the staff are warm and welcoming.

We were checked in and given our robes, water bottles, coupons for lunch at the Bistro and a brief tour of the facility from the HUGE windows overlooking the baths.

There are a few rules while at Scandinave Spa, guests are asked to be quiet (who knew that would be difficult for Christine and I?) and not to use cell phones or pdas(we were exempt for review purposes).

Scandinave Spa Robe

After changing into our swimsuits we threw on our robes, filled our water bottles and headed outside…brr!

Scandinave Spa is renowned for their Finnish Sauna, Eucalyptus Steam Room, Thermal & Nordic Waterfalls, Hot Baths, Cold Plunges & relaxation areas.

Scandinave Spa Cold Bath

This is the sight that greeted us as we stepped outside, we were eager to jump in until we realized that this is actually the Nordic Waterfall which definitely would have to wait until we’d been somewhere hot.

There is a process which we were to follow if we wanted to maximize the health benefits of the baths. Essentially we were to enter a hot bath or facility for 15 minutes to dilate blood vessels on the surface of the skin, allowing for perspiration to expel toxins and then immediately follow with a cold one to close the pores. Then we were instructed to head to one of the relaxation areas to allow the body to regulate.

Scandinave Spa Eucalyptus Steam Room

This may be my new favorite place on Earth! I had never experience anything like this, it’s simply blissful.

Scandinave Spa Sober JulieChristine and I joked that we couldn’t possibly honor the Absolute Silence rule but as soon as I opened the door to the steam room I knew it wouldn’t be a problem. The eucalyptus scent seemed to sweep over my body as I was coated in mist, taking a step into the room it was like a dream.

I couldn’t see very far in front of me but realized that the round room had three levels of tiled seating. We chose a spot close to the door, at first we were quite tense but slowly as we breathed in the scent of the steam relaxation truly overcame us. Fifteen minutes felt like it flew by and too soon we left the cocoon of tranquility.

Both Christine and I agreed, this was an experience that touched us deeply and we could easily picture spending time meditating in the Eucalyptus Steam Room.

Scandinave Spa Cold Bath

As I said, the next stage was to be a cold experience but I have to admit we didn’t indulge. Between my migraines and back spasms we felt that stepping out into the freezing winter temperatures were enough cold for that day, instead we enjoyed some time quietly chatting by a fire outside.

Scandinave Spa paths

Scandinave Spa Relaxation Room

We headed into the beautiful relaxation room which overlooks the baths and allowed us to see the surrounding landscape. There were comfy loungers, magazines or simple solitude in the silent environment.

Scandinave Spa Tranquility

Scandinave Spa Relax Room

I can honestly say that the fine folks at Scandinave Spa have thought of everything to make your time here beneficial for unwinding. When I first learned of the silence rules I thought I’d have issues with it but quite the opposite was true. The atmosphere is conducive to relaxation and turning within to reflect.

Scandinave Spa Hot BathBetween these gorgeous views, the effects of the hot and cold amenities I was truly relaxed when we headed into the Bistro for lunch.

Scandinave Spa LunchI enjoyed a ham & cheese sandwich on a pretzel bun with a delicious homemade mushroom soup. The bistro serves healthy, delicious foods made from fresh ingredients and is well worth it.

If you’re looking for a way to rest and recharge you really must look up the Scandinave Spa! You can connect with them on Facebook or Twitter or via their website.

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