CAA Worst Roads Campaign Twitter Party #ONWorstRoads

How many times can we endure the horrific road conditions after the Spring thaw without pulling our hair out? There are so many roads in Ontario which just never seem to be properly repaired!

We have lived on our street for 11 years now and it has NEVER, EVER been fixed. From day 1 the pavement has been uneven from the mature tree roots lifting and the thaws damaging it. Will we EVER get this road fixed? At this stage we’ve compiled a neighbourhood petition and are somewhere on an elusive repair list for God-knows when.

CAA Worst Roads Campaign

CAA has heard us griping about our roads and are equally frustrated. Each year CAA launches their Worst Roads Campaign where Ontarians nominate and vote upon their choice of poorly maintained roads. From traffic congestion, potholes, timing of traffic lights, road signs or pedestrian and cycling safety to the actual state of the road, CAA wants to hear it all.

At the end of the campaign, CAA will compile a Top 10 List and share the results and their recommendations with Ontario’s provincial and municipal governments. In the past, 90% of the roads on the CAA Worst Roads list have been or are scheduled to be repaired.

Ontario Top 10 and Local Worst Roads from 2013

  • Dufferin St ~Toronto

  • Burlington St E ~ Hamilton

  • Finch Ave W ~ Toronto

  • Kraft Creek Rd ~ Timmins

  • Bayview Ave ~ Toronto

  • Lawrence Ave E ~ Toronto

  • Wharncliffe Rd S ~ London

  • Bouvier Rd Clarence ~ Rockland

  • Carling Ave ~ Ottawa

  • Stanley Ave ~ Niagara Falls

On March 25th head on over to CAA Worst Roads to cast your vote and catch up with all that’s happening on the CAA Worst Roads Facebook Page.


#ONWorstRoads Twitter Party Alert

worst-roads-caa-3017 twitter party invite

Date: Wednesday, March 26th 2014 9pm EST

Hosts: @CAASCO & @MomsTownMedia

Prizing: 5 – $50 Petro-Canada Gift Cards™ plus a grand prize of an iPad Mini 16GB

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