Handmade Jewelery – My New Hobby

Neglecting this blog isn’t like me, I haven’t written a personal post in far too long and I apologize to my friends here for that. Life has taken over a bit, as often happens it feels like I’m just haven’t been “up” to it. Sometimes it’s nothing major, a season changes or my perspective shifts but no matter what the why is….I become quiet.

So here in my quiet time I’ve adopted a hobby to keep my hands busy. I’ve leaned that I need to keep my hands busy so I don’t get lost in my worries or fears. Very early in my recovery a friend gave me a saying which I’ve adopted as my life’s motto:

Be Where Your Hands Are.

When I keep my mind in the moment in front of me, where my hands are, I can live in the NOW. One Day At A Time.

Handmade Birdsnest Pendant

Writing has been a hobby for me, a release and so much more. It keeps my mind active and allows me to feel engaged with the world. While I adore writing I’ve needed something for the times when my mind is tired, something to do with my hands which takes little to no thought.

Hand Stamped Metal Pendant

I’ve chosen to make handmade jewelery, it’s going to take practice but I’m feeling the love here folks!!

Working with my hands and creating a thing of beauty is a wonderful feeling, I can be in those moments and truly enjoy the experience.

I’m working with wire, beads, metals and hand stamping pendants for people who want to capture their memories and wear them for the world to see. Hand making these pieces is a rewarding process and my friends who have received the pieces are also digging it!

Birds Nest Pendant

Do you have a hobby which takes you away from your over-active mind?


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12 Responses

  1. Those are gorgeous!!! I used to have hobbies…. before kids… before leading a church… before everything it seems. You’ve done well with your hands my dear. It reminds me of one of my favourite Scripture in Deut. 28:8 “…everything your hands touch will prosper…” :)

  2. Really cool jewelry. It’s very unique too, which I love. There are a few things that shut my brain off: reading, puttering in garden and scuba diving, in decreasing order of frequency. Sex used to be right under reading, but, sadly, it’s kinda between gardening and scuba right now.

  3. Those are so incredible! I envy your creativity. I write and that’s it. I can’t imagine making something so beautiful. Let me know when you start selling them (lol) I’ll design your site for you!

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