Blogiversary Gratitude

This past December Sober Julie Doing Life celebrated it’s 1st Blogiversary.

I do love a good celebration and so I began what would be a month of giveaways from fantastic companies! I had never been a giveaway blog but if I could give back to my readers I wanted to. The following companies were kind enough to participate in the Blogiversary Celebration by providing giveaway products:

Corel Software

Kodak Canada

IronKids Gummies & Adult Essentials Gummies Vitamins

Young Drivers of Canada

ConAgara Foods

I was fortunate enough to get some amazing writers to guest post, thank you so much to my friends:

Ellie – One Crafty Mother

Jill – Scary Mommy

Nicole – By Word of Mouth Musings

Heather – The Extraordinary Ordinary

Alexandra – Good Day Regular People

As a final hurrah on December 3rd I held a #Blogiversary TweetUp for any and all of my blogging friends who could attend.

I began planning this on short notice and I was so grateful when Alice Fazooli’s in Vaughan kindly offered to host the event!!!

This was truly a big deal, have you ever been to Alice Fazooli’s??

The atmosphere is beautiful and the food is to-die-for!!!!

Arriving on the day of the event I was met by Christian, who is an amazing gentleman to work with! He truly made throwing an event a breeze. You can find Christian on Twitter as @FazooliBarMan.

Some wonderful companies jumped on board for the Blogiversary Tweet Up and provided some awesome prizes.

Thank you to

ShesConnected Network

Corel Software

Janes Family Food

Molsons in the Community

IronKids Gummies & Adult Essentials Gummies Vitamins

SponsorsI was concerned they wouldn’t fit on one table!

Prize Table

As I said, the atmosphere was beautiful, the staff welcoming and the food was delicious and Alice Fazooli’s was so much more generous than I had expected!

Alice Fazoolis

I was touched by my friends who joined me in celebrating, having children with us all just seemed to round it out properly. I didn’t manage to get a good shot of all of the people at the Blogiversary but here are a few to give an idea….

TableDo you see what I mean about all of that food!


In the end I felt we did a fantastic job of partying for a month, there was such a huge showing of support my heart was full.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog……I cannot wait to see what 2012 will bring!

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