Asking For Your Help Today

Last night I was lying in bed struggling to sleep and of course this is when the most wonderful idea for a post enters my mind.

Sleeping Beauty

Now in the light of day I’m scrambling to remember what it was, I know that I was thinking about my message…..what it is that I want to put out there to the world and how best to refine it.

Last year was a great blogging year, I’ve met so many fab people, read some hilarious articles and written some if I do say so myself!

The best part of my year are the emails I’ve received, the ones from people asking questions which were stimulated from one of my posts. These emails have stimulated conversations, friendships have been made and I’ve had the opportunity to connect with people.

There have been times when I’ve considered getting rid of the “Sober” tag in my social media name. The name Sober Julie could have a negative reaction from some, in fact I’ve had people message me letting me know that they’re reading my blog or tweets but they can’t respond publically because of their anonymity.

Hearing that, I considered dropping the “Sober” but ultimately I can’t.

It has little to do with my established Brand and more to do with the message I want to bring to people through Social Media.

While I do want to bring my readers fantastic product opportunities and I do love sharing authors who inspire me, that’s not the main point of my purpose.

At different times in my life I’ve gotten lost within life, sure I was succeeding in some areas but I wasn’t balanced in the sense of mind, body and spirit.

As you all know I’ve found a life of sobriety and work hard to maintain it.

Sobriety isn’t simply about abstaining from alcohol or drugs, it’s a state of being.

Websters defines Sober as:

~not having one’s mind affected by alcohol

 ~based on sound reasoning or information

~not joking or playful in mood or manner

~not excessively showy

~given to or marked by restraint in the satisfaction of one’s appetites

While these all apply to me…..cough, okay so I’m excessively showy at times….I don’t think the word only applies to alcohol and drugs.

So yes that’s me, Sober Julie and now I need a tag line and I’m open to your help!

I’ve thought of many and had even thought I’d gotten it down but I think that this is the time to open up my consideration to your input.

So here are some choices and/or ideas I’ve had, I’d appreciate your comments.

~Finding serenity in this chaotic life

~Sobriety is a state of mind

~Sober doesn’t suck

~Life is chaotic, our lives don’t have to be

I want to reflect that Sobriety is more than the abstinence, that each of us has many sides to us and often life is difficult but we can rise above all of this if we’re spiritually, physically and emotionally healthy.

That’s what Sober Julie Doing Life is about, hopefully to connect with others and when possible to provide a safe place for people to hope, help and love.

Please let me know your ideas here friends, let me know what you’ve found here or drop an idea for my tagline!!

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36 Responses

  1. Recovery is so many things to so many people, and it is yours to decide what level of involvement you let it take in your life. I feel that SoberJulie is a premeire resource for anyone struggling with any addiction.

    Keep it up, babe!

  2. As Lindsay said, recovery means so much to so many different people. I have appreciated your articles – my drug of choice is food and I find myself being able to relate what you are saying to my own life.

    I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to get to know you – I think your blog is an inspiration to so many!

  3. Hiya Julie! I like the suggestions so far. And the ones the ladies added above. For some reason when I read this I thought of that Bonnie Tyler/Bryan Adams song. So my suggestion would be
    ” Sober Julie Doing Life-Straight from the heart ” Because to me from everything I have read, your all heart lady. ;)

    I even like Sober Julie Doing Life- Straight On ( another song by Heart) Great Lyrics! Listen to this one, I think you may like it.
    Have a superb day!

  4. Wow – some great suggestions – I like the “straight up” and “straight from the heart suggestions”. I also like your ~Finding serenity in this chaotic life choice too.

    I love it when I hear about how much meaning and deep thought some people put into their name/brand/blog etc.

    You are fabulous! I really do look up to you!

  5. I suck at taglines, but I don’t think you should get rid of the Sober part. It’s a part of you and the reason you created this space on the internet. Good luck, to which ever you decide though!

  6. Hey Sober Julie this is brilliant and so pertinent for me right now. I’ve been having a bit of a gritty time of it lately and it’s had me thinking about what sober actually means.. and I’m still finding out what living a sober life actually entails. You’re so right, it’s so much more than just abstaining, it’s more about clearing the decks (your mind) and bracing yourself to deal with things head on as all the waves of life come at you (ok, not sure why the boating analogies came out just then, sorry!)
    I like your first tagling but for some reason am a bit anti the ‘serenity’ word.
    ‘Working to stay calm in this chaotic life’ ???
    Whatever your choice I’m a dedicated reader. Thanks. xxxx

  7. I like when you said this- “provide a safe place for people to hope, help and love.”
    it sounded just like a tag line-
    Providing a safe place for people to hope, help and love.

  8. Hi Julie! I’m a new follower, but am interested in reading more and getting to know you through your blog, I’ll have to look back through some archives! :-)

    Personally, “Finding Serenity in this Chaotic Life” is what stood out to me from the options you first listed. It has a lovely tone to it, I think.

    I don’t mind the “straight up” ones, but then again… straight up is also a term for how to fix some peoples favourite alcoholic drinks, right? So, I’m not sure it has the right message. It sounds like a mixed message, Sober Julie who likes her martinis shaken and then served straight? Not quite right. I could be off-base there, but just my two cents on what I hear when I hear that idea.

  9. ~Finding serenity in this chaotic life

    I really like this one, but if you want people to understand what soberjulie really means, maybe you could twist it up a bit and say something like

    ~sobriety is serenity in a chaotic life?
    or something like that, I wouldn’t get rid of your name, obviously it is who you are and what you stand for and you don’t want to let go of that.

  10. I like your name now “Sober Julie” It’s truth. It shows strength and it shows understanding of yourself and others. Hard work and self awareness. It is who you are. Does it matter if someone responds to your post or only that they have understood your message or learned something of themselves?

  11. My knew jerk reaction is ‘sober doesn’t suck,’ but then we have to consider that some people don’t like the word ‘suck.’ I, for the record, am not one of them. However, any of the others would be just as good.

  12. I don’t think I can top any of these great suggestions, but I love them all and as you mentioned I also love getting emails from folks and continuing the conversation.

  13. I love “Finding Serenity in this Chaotic Life” as a tagline.

    And I am glad you are not leaving out the “Sober” part of “Sober Julie.” It is part of who you are and a big part of your blog and journey in life.

  14. I like Dee’s suggestion. “Sober Julie Doing LIfe – Straight Up!”

    I’m bad at tag-lines though, hence I don’t have one. lol

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