Motivated Monday ~ Making Changes w/linky

Motivated Monday

Last Wednesday on January 3rd I Bared It All here on my Sober Julie Doing Life, yes friends I actually posted a photo of me in a bathing suit!

 Seconds after hitting the Publish button I was horrified, no not just that I’d posted that awful photo. I was frightened that by openly committing to lose weight I was setting myself up for failure. That fear lasted for a few seconds before I got my inner thoughts in check. Losing weight is a daunting thing, anyone who has tried to get fit knows what I mean.

With any change of regular habit it can look like a giant feat, one that seems impossible to overcome.

If I hadn’t changed my internal thought process at that self-defeating moment, I would have been setting myself up for failure.

So I pulled up my big girl panties and remained resolved through the week by keeping myself focused upon each day (and sometimes each moment when old cheddar was involved) as it came. Listen, cravings happen….oh man do they ever but if I continue to allow myself to indulge in every desire that pops into my head my life will never improve.

How do I plan to lose weight you ask? Well I’m taking vitamins, getting a bit of exercise and doing the 17 Day Diet.

Here’s a bit of information about it:

Dr. Moreno’s The 17 Day Diet is a cycled eating plan that alters the amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats you eat every few days. Divided across four phases, each is designed to accomplish a different objective: burning fat, resetting the metabolism and teaching you proper portion control and hunger signs.

How did I do this week you ask….well I stuck to the food program and actually found I enjoyed the veggies (couldn’t believe it), I didn’t really miss my cheese, I ate a TON of chicken and egg whites (because I love them) and I was shocked when I actually craved water after a few days.

Did I mention I cut out Diet Pepsi all together? I had 1 all week vs probably 4 a day before making this change.

Eating in this healthy manner takes work, I have to plan the menu and prepare more foods but the results speak for themselves.

It’s almost embarrassing to tell you the actual results because my body was obviously starved for water and nutrients.


 Can I get a FISTPUMP???


Although I’ve had a fantastic first week, I could lose this progress in a very short period of time if I don’t stick with it. I’m looking for a life change not simply quick results.

One way I plan on doing this is by checking in here weekly, I’ll have Motivated Monday each week and I hope you all will join in!

I’d love to hear about changes you are making in 2012 and how about we link up together?

Your changes can be about anything you choose, we can support each other!

If you don’t have a blog but want to use Motivated Mondays as your record of change, leave your info in a comment and I’ll list your name here with your results within my article!

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38 Responses

  1. How proud of you can I get considering I barely know you ?~! That absolutely fantastic, Julie. Good for you for sticking with it and seeing it through.

  2. You so get a Fist Pump from me! I so laughed when you asked for one hehe.

    Good job Julie!!! Your doing so amazing and keep it up. I need to go do something like this too to jumpstart a better healthier life.

  3. I’m very proud of you.
    I haven’t really changed my diet yet besides cutting back on portion size, but I’ve really increased my walking. I don’t see any changes yet.
    You’re doing great!
    Stick with it kid!

  4. Wow girl! you are doing A-MAZING!

    I started my weight loss quest yesterday because there was NO POINT in me even trying to start while the kids were still home!!! Now it’s GAME ON!

    (((hugs))) and a FIST PUMP!

  5. Wow! 11 pounds in a week – excellent job, Julie.

    Okay, I was just going for a diet pepsi and a cheese string. I think I should rethink that and check out this diet.

    1. Right on Pam, hope on the thin Mommy train and we’ll keep each other away from the Diet Pepsi…what do they put into cheese strings to make them so dang good?

  6. Fantastic first week results! Congratulations on this first piece of success! Of course you’ll face challenges and be tested, but if you can stay accountable online then it will hopefully give you the motivation you need to keep going! I’ll come back to cheer you on each week, get ‘er done, girly! WOOO!

  7. Wow! 11 pounds in one week that’s wonderful! I’m all about better eating habits this year and the first week was really hard, but week 2 is going much better.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Lol Julie Great minds think alike. I had a post written on Monday about this called Motivational Mondays. I have since changed it and will pick another day to do my own thing on. I am so amazed at your first week. Good for you!

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  10. Wow, this sounds like a plan I can get behind. I don’t like those diets where you can’t eat anything but stuff you hate. I see they have a free download. Think I’m gonna see if I can get that and read a little more. Thanks

  11. That is so awesome, Julie! *Fist Pump* I’ve heard good things about the 17 Day Diet. My friend did it and she looks great! A few other friends are doing the Clean Eating with Tosca Reno and are loving it too.

    Me? Well, I’ve got Zumba, speed walking, we are active on the farm, and because we live on a farm, pretty much eat healthy and unprocessed foods. I need to up the activity though. Even with the stuff I do, it’s still not enough. Yeeesh!

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