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Each year as Easter approaches, I go on the hunt for some crafts which my girls can make to give to their teachers as gifts. Not everyone celebrated Easter but we all love some FUN crafts to share with our children. Today I’m sharing a DIY Duck Tape® Tulip Pen craft, after scrolling around the internet this one just kept popping out to me.

Duck Tape® has come a LONG way since the days when it was a silver tape used by handy men! In our local Walmart I found so many choices in patterns in the Pain section, if you can’t locate it there in your Walmart check the Crafts section as sometimes it can be found there. Right now the colours are lovely and bright to celebrate Spring but these change with the seasons and holidays.

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DIY Duck Tape® Tulip Pen

DIY Duck Tape Tulip Pen

Tools you’ll need:

  • DIY Duck Tape® in green, yellow and white (or whatever color of tulip you’d like)
  • Cutting board
  • Scissors
  • Exacto knife
  • Pen


Begin by cutting a piece of green Duck Tape® and roll it onto the pen. The Duck Tape® should cover from the end to the top of the cap.

Duck Tape Tulip Pen green.jpg

Next cut a 1″ piece of yellow Duck Tape® and roll it onto the pen, leaving 3/4 of an inch loose at the end. Pinch the end of the yellow Duck Tape® together both ways.

Duck Tape Tulip Pen yellow

Duck Tape® Petals

Now you’re going to make the petals.

  • Cut the white Duck Tape®  in a 5″ strip.
  • Fold that strip in half, leaving a 1/2″ piece at the end.
  • Smooth it down and then cut into a petal shape using scissors. You may find it easier to use an exacto knife at the ends where the tape isn’t double sided as it often sticks to the scissors.
  • Cut a 1″ slice in the middle of the petal and cross the ends over each other.
  • Repeat this 5 more times, until there are 6 petals.

duck tape tulip pen petals.jpg

Applying the Petals

Now you simply wrap each tulip petal around the pen, staggering them. The first row will have 3 petals then fill in the gaps with the remaining 3. Cut a 1″ piece of green Duck Tape®  and wind it around the pen at the base of the petals to cover the ends of the white tape.

Duck Tape Tulip Pen Applying Petals.jpg

Duck Tape® Tulip Leaves

What is a tulip without it’s leaves?

  • Cut an 11″ piece of green Duck Tape®
  • Fold in half leaving a 1/2″ piece at the end.
  • Smooth it down and then cut into a petal shape using scissors.
  • Roll onto the pen right at the writing end where the end of the cap will be.
  •  Cut a 1″ piece of green Duck Tape®  and wind it around the pen at the base of the leaves to cover any edges.

duck tape tulip pen leaf.jpg

That’s it, you have a lovely gift for anyone on your list at Easter!

To keep up on the latest Duck Brand® creative ideas, follow them on Twitter Or why not Buy Duck Tape at Walmart and get going on your own Spring crafts!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. So cute :) I love the idea – and I love the fact there is so many colors of duct tape out there :))

    Thanks for sharing!

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