Get Over Here & Congratulate My Folks on 50 Years of Marriage

50 years of marriage don’t come easy! Imagine a time long ago, 52 years ago to be precise. You have a 16 year old girl who lives in South East London, England who may be called somewhat sheltered and naive. Her name is Rose and she is the eldest child and only daughter of a heavy-handed Roman Catholic Irish mother who knows her every move.

Rose has reached the age where she’s dying to go to the dances at a local church. After working her fingers to the bone at home to persuade her Mum that she’s a responsible girl, Rose is allowed to head to the dance with her good friend.

At the same time you have a 20 year old man, Peter who is from a different area of London who is an Engineering apprentice and has been living a grown-man life for some time. Peter works long hours, learning his craft for a mere wage, safe in the knowledge that he will one day be a recognized Engineering Technologist.

In his time off Peter plays Cricket with his mates, goes to the pub and enjoys a bit of life in his “Teddy Boy” way. He has very little interest in going to a small town dance, but as it’s his friend’s band who is playing he gives in and is roped in to lug the gear along.



Now obviously I wasn’t at the actual dance as Rose and Peter are my parents, to be honest the story changes depending on who is telling it and the time of day. There was some kind of spark to be sure, because on March 28th these crazy kids are celebrating 50 years of marriage!!

430998_10151644782111335_600897704_nWith my father’s FANTASTIC hair and my Mum’s pointy toed shoes, these kids were married against the advice of so many around them. My Mum’s mother protested because my father’s eyebrows met in the middle and others simply because they were too young but these 2 felt it in their bones. When you love someone, what else can you do?

50 years of marriage isn’t anything to sniff at these days, forget the divorce rate for a second and think of all the changes these people have seen over time. From the introduction of the dishwasher, the calculator, cordless phones, wifi and let’s not forget all the parenting advice flip-flops….these parents of mine have some stories to tell!

15000_409198216390_8249887_nWhen I sit and reflect, it’s so easy to feel blessed by my parents. As the trends of parenting changed, the behaviors of the times morphed…one thing remained the same and that was my parents’ relationship as I experienced it. My father Peter was always apt to say little if not necessary and my Mum Rose was ready with a loving hug at the drop of a hat.

The consistency they gave us as their children was invaluable. As I’ve rolled through life, managing to hit every wall of poor choice available they were always willing to pick me up, dust me off and help me explore my poor choices.

50 Years of Marriage Ain’t Easy

These days we hear so much about marriage coming first, that the health of your marriage is the utmost of importance but when I pose that question to my parents they have a different perspective. They openly say that at times over the 50 years it was the kids that held them together through rough times.

As their lives went through ebbs and flows as a couple, they managed to come back together after each hard time and regroup. This marriage isn’t about that flutter in the stomach these days (not every day) but about the partnership. The knowledge which is ingrained within them that they are a part of a whole.


WOW Mum and Dad that is deep and so beautiful!

Today I raise my cup of plenty and thank God for these two people in my life and I ask you to congratulate them on being the minority in a world of fast-paced living. I’m so glad they slowed it all down at the times when they did and stuck it out.




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  1. Congratulations on 50 Years of Marriage Rose and Peter! I hope you have a wonderful celebration filled with family and friends sharing the good times and the bad as well. They always make for a good laugh after the fact. It’s a miracle now a days for marriage to last as long as yours. I’ve always said the oldies are the goodies. Meaning the marriages back in the day were the ones that always lasted. Enjoy and I wish you and your family all the best and many more years to come! ((((( HUGS)))))

  2. Happy Anniversary Rose & Pete! Wow! Just think that you two have been together for a lifetime now and have built a wonderful family t o share it all with! Wishing you many more year s of great times together! Angie in Edmonton! xo

  3. What an absolutely fantastic post im tribute to your parents! ! Congratulations Rose and Peter!! I wish you many more blessed years to come! Xo ♥

  4. What an amazing way to honour your parents. Fifty years of love, friendship and a lifetime of dreams coming true. Congratulations on a wonderful life together and all that is yet to come.

  5. Something a little special for Peter and Rose on their special day
    Today as both of you look back
    With happiness and pride
    Upon the Fifty cherished years
    That you’ve spent side by side,
    May every memory that you share
    Of dreams you’ve seen come true,
    Help make this special Golden day
    A happy one for you!

  6. I really enjoyed reading your post. 50 years is a mighty long time and it is true that these days people give up too easily and marriages of such a long duration are getting more and more rare. Congratulations to them both! ;-)

  7. Congratulations to your parents! My parents made it 68 years until my dad passed away 10 years ago. My mom is still here with us and will be 92 in May.

  8. Dad and I are so Blessed! Jewels your Tribute to us is indeed incredible. All we can say is that we Love YOU, Brad, Sydney, Chelsea, Grand Dog – Lady Cocoa and our soon to be Angie, the Umbrella Cockatoo, along with your Sister Ami, hubby Richard, Mikaela , Zachary and Mad!
    We wish to Thank Everyone for Caring and Sharing with us also, thank you all so much! oxo

  9. Wow! A very very big Congratulations to your parents!! That is a huge huge milestone and a very big achievement! Much more love and happiness to the future! My parents made it to 47 years until my dad passed away earlier this year.

  10. That’s so great! Your dad’s hair is fabulous and your mom is beautiful!
    Congratulations to them.

  11. It’s wonderful to hear about marriages like your parents. My husband and I have just celebrated our 43rd anniversary!

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