My Parents Are Moving In…GASP

Last week I wrote a bit about my wacky Mum here on my blog. After 3 years of me blogging my Mum finally figured out how to comment and hasn’t looked back. Go on have a look at the comment section in this post and you’ll see what I mean.

Rosie, as she likes to be called, is a wonderful woman who happens to have raised amazing children…if I do say so myself. Rosie is married to Peter for a bunch of years, like more than an elephant’s lifespan but the exact number escapes me. These 2 crazy kids are now considered “Seniors” and actively enjoy the discounts!

mum & Dad

They sold the family home some 5 years ago and moved into an apartment which has served them well but it’s time for Rosie and her Prince to move on. Between arthritic knees, hips and other health issues the stairs within their apartment pad just aren’t working anymore.

So what do I do? I did what any daughter in her 40’s who has lost her mind, I invited them to come live with us.

Yeah, yeah I know it’s not going to be easy…I do realize that we’re 2 separate families who have different routines and expectations but ya know what? I believe in helping folks and I believe it’s something beautiful for my children to have a close relationship with their Grandparents. I also worry about them like mad so this will bring them back into my radar (insert evil laugh).

Seriously, we’ve faced some major health concerns with my folks in the past few years. My father had Blood Clots which almost killed him, this year his kidneys failed because of a virus…the list goes on. Having my ‘rents here with us will be difficult at times but in the end we support one another and have a deep sense of loyalty all round so we’ll make it work.

Moving The Folks In Takes Work!

In the meantime we have 2 weeks to purge this little home of ours, 3 truckloads to the dump was a good start! We are installing a makeshift 2nd bathroom, reorganizing and eventually we’ll be building an apartment for them. This is all a ton of work and the research starts now.

We are planning, scouring the internet for deals for kitchen appliances, even looking at sites from the UK. Last night I found myself on the Fridge Freezer Direct site for hours gazing longingly at their catering equipement…dreaming of a HUGE kitchen for our 2 families. I get sidetracked easily but you can find our more about them by following the link if you want to dream like I did.

The countdown is on here, my wonderful husband is working like a mad man and my parents are packing and purging…all of this means that you, my readers are sure to see some hilarious, frustrated posts in the coming months…oh and hopefully a bunch of Rosie on the blog!

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17 Responses

    1. :) Rosie, you are so funny! Julie, you are going to have TONS of blog fodder with your parents living with you guys! I cannot wait to read all the fun posts!! It was so lovely meeting your Mum and Dad when I was staying with you before FBC2013!!

        1. Mickaela was here asking how she could help to pack! She may be will be here Tuesday late afternoon/evening.
          What a first grandchild! Her brother, Zachary, just had wisdom tooth out. Ouch! I remember that too. Hopefully, you and yours will never regret this move! Love you All. Mum and Dad. X.

  1. You’re going to be FINE. Love the sense of humor that I feel in both of you. In addition to doing the right thing for your parents, I believe we’re going to see more families co-habitating to get through this rough economy. Find ways to make it fun. Make a list of things you can do together to make the household run, run better………….or possibly run away? rofl Kudos to you for taking a very big step.

    1. Thanks for the support Georgia, I firmly agree we don’t support these types of living enough. It will be fun….even when my Dad would rather it be quiet….gasp a new blog feature? Irritate my father….I dig that.

  2. So time for Cocoa to come here, our last weekend. Please bring leash, food and dishes. We just need to catch up somehow.
    I have Past Presidents Dinner, etc . Also still much throw away and packing and hopefully, some sleep. Much Love, Mum. X.

  3. My friend did it 5 yrs ago and did not regret it. In the basement her mom has her own space, separated from the other part of the basement. She has a kitchen, living room bathroom and bedroom. She does her own things and when she wants to see my friend, she will call her to see if she is available. She feels safe and secure but respect a lot my friend family. It works but both has to respect each other space and not invade it.

  4. What a great posting, so much love and humor coming through. I think it is awesome that you have invited your parents to live with you and your family, super. I can hardly wait to read about Mum Rosie’s new adventures, she sounds so funny and down to earth…keep us all posted Julie!!

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