It’s Official, My First Book is Available! Mocktails Recipes #Mocktails&More

Well friends the time has finally arrived, I’ve finally done it!

Get the fist pumping ready friends…….drumroll……….

I just hit PUBLISH on my first book!

Can I get a woot woot?


Ok, back to normal (yeah right as if this rosey glow anytime soon) but I’ll try and lay it all out for you here because I’m super proud of this book which is my baby.

This all began a few years ago when I was experiencing holiday gatherings without drinking for the first time since I had my daughters. I felt out of my depth suddenly being in “party” gatherings without the mask of alcohol to bring me out of my shell…..yes believe it or not I have a shell here folks.

As I navigated through the room my hands felt empty, my husband suggested I’d feel better with a drink my hand. The only beverages I could find at most events were pop, tap water and if I was lucky there was coffee and tea.

It’s taken me almost 3 years to get to this point but here it is, I finally compiled enough recipes to justify publishing them. After months of planning, mixing and muddling Mocktails & More has arrived!!!

If you’d like to buy it you can simply click on the photo below, the image at the top of my sidebar on the right or click HERE. 


Don’t even think this is some boring old recipe book, this book is jammed with professional photos from Trish Beesley Photography and recipes I’ve actually played with to perfect. Oh and I almost forgot to mention the twist, Molson Coors Canada has joined me to provide Responsible Hosting Tips and their Brewmasters have modified 4 recipes to be cocktail options.

Mocktails & More

Mocktails & More is the ultimate survival handbook for the hectic Holiday Season!

Julie Elsdon-Height, also know as Sober Julie on social media, is a humorous woman who shoots straight from the hip, sharing about her life of sobriety and looking to experience all of the joys life has to offer.

With Mocktails & More, Julie shares her favorite 20 Mocktail recipes each displayed with professional photography and tidbits of inspiration delivered in her humorous style.

And if this wasn’t enough, Julie has once again decided to step out of the box and invited Molson Coors Canada to come on board providing tips for making Responsible Choices over the Holidays. Molson Coors Canada’s brewmasters have reviewed Julie’s recipes and modified a select few to present Cocktail alternatives.

Mocktails & More is wonderfully thought-out, well written and will inspire you as you entertain over the Holidays.

I hope this book will inspire you to provide some delicious, gorgeous drink choices for your guest who aren’t drinking alcohol over the holiday season. This really is a simple way to ensure all of your guests feel special, and heck why not just enjoy a Holiday Mocktail yourself?
Here is a sneak preview of the first few pages…….let’s all raise a glass to Mocktails & More!!!

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  1. I am SO excited for you, Julie! I cannot wait to whip up some fun drinks for me and the boys! Now make me that chocolate deliciousness right away!! Lol

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