Family Christmas Photos

This past weekend we had our family photos done, it’s been 2 years since we did them and it was time.

Public Service Announcement: Moms who are arranging family photo shoots, pray for Serenity!

Now usually I don’t like the “sitting” look, the one you saw in all of your friends houses growing up but I trusted our photographer’s vision. Frankly with my eldest daughter hating her photo taken I thought this could be a nightmare!

My photographer of choice here in suburbia is Femkke Photography, Femkke is a wonderful lady! She has a nack for getting clients (ok me) to pose in the appropriate position to show off their best features (double chin) and get the shot she wants. However, could she handle Sydney??

(Note: Femkke hasn`t edited the pics yet, these are my clumsy edits)

After cajoling and bribing the girls into the outfits (which I chose) and arriving at the studio I was flustered. Children are so bloody stressful at times like these, I had only booked a 1/2 hr mini-session and to say I was rushed would be an understatement.

Deep breaths for me and we were off and running!

Chelsea was up first, as I expected it was so simple for her…all those hours in front of the mirror are paying off.

If anyone has a contact at the Gap looking for models, let us know.



Next up was Sydney, I wasn’t even going to try and get photos of her by herself so we went straight into the ‘sister’ shots.

This is a really cute shot but ummm Sydney why the wrinkly nose?

12b1Yeah Sydney, you look impressed.


But this one, this is my favorite shot! It looks like my angelic daughters are playing….they`re actually fighting!


In the end we did get some FANTASTIC shots, I cannot wait to see them after Femkke edits them.

In the meantime I went ahead and did some edits to make our Christmas card.

Which do you like best

Christmas Card

Christmas Card2




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  1. I love the pics!! We did them this year too, and I was surprised at how fun they all turned out. My fave Christmas card one is the first one!!

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